Kids Try Chocolate Dishes from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– This is our chocolate! – Theo, ready? – Do a plane. – Here comes the airplane. (cheerful music) – [Woman] So today, you guys are trying chocolate dishes from around the world. – I like chocolate because it’s sweet! – I like chocolate because it’s brown. – He likes the color brown. – [Woman] […]

Hello Kitty Kitchen Re Ment | Part 4

So let’s take a look at the next one. It looks as though in this one, we can make some lunch. So in this one we get a loaf of bread. And we get this little flask, to keep your soup warm or hot drink warm. And then we get this adorable little bowl, with […]

IKEA Duktig play kitchen unboxing & build #BritishDadStuff

Hello, I’m Neil… and everything I do is wrong. [THEME TUNE] Today I’m going to show you how to build this – the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen. We bought it and I built it for my little daughter, and she loves it. If you want to jump forward to the time at the bottom of […]

Hello Kitty Kitchen Re Ment | Part 1

Hi everybody. Today we’re going to take a look at this Hello Kitty Re-Ment set, which has different kitchen items within it. You can see a little microwave there. And this box transforms into this mini kitchen here, so I’m going to open this up and try to put that together for you. So I […]

A Giant Salad! | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Well, so we’re gonna put in this… ♪ Patty cake, patty cake baker’s man ♪ ♪ bake me a salad as fast as you can ♪ (bouncy, bass thumping beat) Welcome to Ernie Cooks, and we’re gonna make a giant salad, that looks like any food. – So you wana use spinach?. Do you […]

Kids Try Winter Comfort Foods from Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Oh, it’s really salty. Oh jeez. – This is, like, my favorite soup! – What? – I love it. – Okay then. (cheerful music) – [Interviewer] Hello! – Hello! – [Interviewer] Who are you? – Olivia. – [Interviewer] Olivia, what is your favorite season? – Winter ’cause you get to play in the snow! […]

Kids Try Swedish Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– The Swedish food is the biggest food in the whole world, ‘kay? – The sooner I eat it, I become rich. – Yes. – Yay. (upbeat music) – Hey. – Wyatt. – Hej hej. What does that mean? – Let’s try Swedish food. – Meatballs. Ah, fresh Sweden meatballs. Mm. Mm. – Potato. Raspberries […]


hi today we picked up this Pioneer Woman crock-pot it was actually an impulse purchase couldn’t resist it’s very pretty with the flowers in hand side so that’s what caught my eye and it’s an upgrade to the old crock pot that we had I actually had one that not falling off it still kind […]

Kids Try Christmas Food From Around the World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Where’s the coin? (laughs) I don’t see the coin here. – So that was a sick joke! (playful music) – Hello there. – You know, Christmas morning, oh my Gosh, it’s Christmas. And then I rush down the stairs, usually, my mom and dad would still be sleep. – Sometimes. – A lot of […]