UKRAINE FOOD GUIDE | Introduction to Ukrainian Cuisine (WE TRY 35 THINGS!)

One of our surprise favorite countries on a recent trip to Europe with Ukraine while travelling around Ukraine we marveled at fascinating architecture and were welcomed by friendly locals in both Kiev and l’viv, however The ultimate surprise was just how good the food is in Ukraine my goodness Ukrainian cuisine may be the most […]

Georgian Food Taste Test – 5 dishes to try in Kiev, Ukraine

Sam why are you not walking in the safety of this tunnel? An open space here. Come on. Come on. So it is lunchtime here in Kiev (Kyiv – Київ – Киев) we’ve been here in the city for about a week and today we’ve decided to take you for Georgian food because we’ve noticed […]

Ukrainian Food Review – 5 traditional dishes to eat in Lviv, Ukraine

Alright guys, it is lunchtime here in Lviv (Львів) and we tried to find the most traditional Ukrainian restaurant that we could and that is how we ended up at Seven Piggies (Сім поросят) and yeah I can tell you taxidermy is really popular. Lots of stuffed animals. There is like beavers and squirrels and […]

Trump Declares Himself Above the Constitution: A Closer Look

-The White House is now threatening to obstruct the impeachment inquiry and refusing to cooperate with subpoenas. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” ♪♪ As a candidate for president, Trump echoed years of empty Republican rhetoric about the sanctity of our Constitution and claimed that he wanted to restore the values […]

Ukrainian podcast #5 Ukrainian cuisine/Українська кухня. SLOW UKRAINIAN + SUBTITLES

Всі іноземні туристи, які приїжджають в Україну, знайомляться з її національною кухнею. Українська кухня різноманітна та унікальна. Вона має багату історію та славиться у слов’янських країнах. Українська кухня має багато смачних страв, але, мабуть, найпопулярнішим є борщ. Борщ – це овочевий суп, який готується із додаванням буряка, капусти, томатів, цибулі, картоплі та м’яса. Також туди […]

Ukrainian Cuisine – 5 Foods To Try in Kiev, Ukraine

Ooh. Wow. Oh, wow. That looks beautiful. Haha. So we are diving straight into another Ukrainian food (українські страви) video as you can see the food is already at the table so we’re going to get rolling here. But yeah, we’re at a restaurant called O’Panas (ОПанас) which Sam discovered by chance when he was […]

Tasting Ukrainian Military MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

كيف حالكم جميعاً مرحباً بكم من جديد في مختبري, حيث السلامة هي الأولوية رقم واحد خمنوا ماذا لدينا اليوم لدينا وجبة طعام جاهزة للجيش الأوكراني لنقم بوضعها تحت الاختبار, بالمناسبة هذه الوجبة تم إرسالها من قبل ايدوين ساركيسان, هو أيضاً لديه قناة على اليوتيوب, الرابط في صندوق الوصف حسناً, يبدو إنها صالحة فقط لمدة سنة […]

10 Banned Foods

FOOD FOR THE FUTURE – A Short Documentary

food is at the core of our culture is a way of sharing food basically life food is everything from the soil to the water to the manpower food is also something very precious very vulnerable but if you don't produce it in an environmental sustainable way it may actually not mean life as we […]