Spicy cucumber side dish (Oi-muchim: 오이무침)

Hello everybody! Today we are going to make simple simple simple easy easy easy but delicious recipe. We call this oi-muchim. Seasoned cucumber. Korean seasoning we are going to use. This is like a salad. With this guy. English cucumber! I just took it out from my refrigerator and washed. So still cold and very […]

Broken Dishes Block | Sampler Sew Along | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post a new sewing tutorial every Wednesday to help sewers and quilters of all skill levels learn new projects and techniques. This video is part of my Sampler Sew Along. It’s a block of the month style series where I’m sharing tutorials for 12 different quilt blocks so you […]

Shrimp And Squid With Vegetable Salad Recipe – Cooking Shrimps – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i make glass noodles sea food with pate salad glass noodles two pack garlic lemon chili two type cabbage onion tomatoes coriander carrot and lettuce i have two pate shrimp and squid very fresh see me do it together first peel vegetable i have other ingredient sugar garlic sauce salt fish sauce and […]

How to Draw a Kitchen Room in 2-Point Perspective: NARRATED

Hello and welcome to my new Circle Line Art School video how to a room in 2-Ponit Perspective, for this drawing we need to start with a horizontal line that goes through a rectangle, the room we draw will fill the rectangle, the second step is to draw two dots on this horizontal line which […]

Pyongyang Street Food – North Korea

Where is the Won money? Don’t bring too much Assalamualaikum Gimbap? No Meat? No meat? meat? meat? Egg? Yes, Egg how much? Two thousand five hundred two. yes two See what’s in front of me. is this new? That’s nice Whoa This is alright is this new? Two, two, (Korean) two, two, two Two 5000, […]

Food Battle 2010

(Ian) Mmmm, oh, yeah! That’s good. That’s very good rock. SHUT UP! (Ian) Hey, Anthony. (Imitates Anthony) Hey, Ian. You wanna see me try to use my taquitos as a pool floatie? -Sure! -Okay.(Imitates Splash) Oh, no! I’m drowning because I’m so stupid and taquitos suck! -You sure do. -And I’m dead! (Suspenseful Sound) Oh, […]

The Contestants Have Their Last Bit Of Cooking | Season 10 Ep. 17 | MASTERCHEF

Hurry up. Shari. One minute. One minute. Let’s go, Brie. Subha, it’s one dish, not two. Why is he plating two dishes? I have no idea. Ugh. Put some hustle in your muscle. Come on! [inaudible],, Subha, work with two hands. [claps] 25 seconds to go. Come on, Subha. You gotta get it on the […]

How to Make Valentine Chocolate Soufflé with Mocha Sauce | Valentine’s Day Recipes | Allrecipes.com

♪ Ah sugar, dun dun dun dun dun dun ♪ ♪ I wanna know what love is ♪ ♪ You are my souffle babe ♪ ♪ And you got me wanting you ♪ ♪ Happy Valentine’s Day (laughs) ♪ Oh boy, now that I’ve run through my repertoire of songs, I can’t get started without […]

Dessert Facile et Rapide à faire – ramadan 2019 Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Dessert Easy and Fast 1 liter of cold milk bananas 2.5g caramel flavored custard dates 3/4 min Two hours in the refrigerator Pieces of banana fruit and dates Crushed almonds thank you for watching