Makkah Streets | Food & Travel | Arafat, Mina, Ghar e Hira & Saur | Ziyarats of Makkah

Assalam Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak And right now I am in Makkah Makkah is the place where this world began Adam and Eve met here in the plain of Arafat The first house ever built was the Kaaba, which in Noah’s flood was destroyed, then, Abraham PBUH was ordered by God to rebuild […]

ISTANBUL STREET FOOD | Muslim Street Food HEAVEN – Cağ Kebab + TURKISH STREET FOOD in Istanbul Guide


Bart Baker – Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” PARODİSİ | Türkçe Altyazılı (CC)

Bart Baker – Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Azalea “Booty” PARODİSİ | Türkçe Altyazılı (CC)

Turkish Eggs (Cilbir) – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with turkish eggs that’s where I am never surprised when I come across a new way to use a certain ingredient unless that ingredient is eggs in which case I am totally shocked since at my age I figured I’ve seen and done it all and […]

Istanbul’s BEST Street Food Guide – TURKISH KEBAB NINJA + Authentic Turkish Street Food in Istanbul

[Music] what’s up and welcome to chopstick traveled does Europe this is our new series exploring this vast continent and all the fun things to do and delicious foods to eat today we are in Istanbul Turkey this is our first time here and we just arrived we are super excited and ready to eat […]

TURKISH FOOD TOUR | Best TURKISH FOOD in Istanbul, Turkey- Pide + Kebab | What TO EAT IN ISTANBUL

today we’re in Turkey and we’re in the stunning city of Istanbul this Istanbul series all about showing you some of the best food this city has to offer Istanbul’s food culture is reflective of its past and draws influence from each region of Turkey if you love to eat this city is one that […]

TURQUIE – 2 min VLOG#1 – Istanbul, couchsurfing et cuisine

we arrived at our host’s place, first host in Istanbul who made us a great Turkish meal sarma, grape leaves sarma, soup, ** dolma, stuffed peppers, it’s a kind of sarma, ** dolma breakfast by our host, incredible boreks, vegetables, cheese, Turkish tea … (Hospitality is not always in one way, we can also make […]