Su Böreği Nasıl Yapılır

Water Pastry (Water Börek) – a salty baklava-like pastry with cheese filling.. Hello.. Welcome to my Mother’s Recipes Ingredients: 4 cups of flour Half a kilo of feta cheese 5 eggs 125g butter Salt We are gonna make “Su Böregi” means Water Pastry which is one of the most common pastry types in Turkey. Water […]

Lentil Soup

Hello.Today we will cook lentil soup together I prefered this soup because Barbara liked it very much when she was in Turkey. Let’s start INGREDIENTS “OF COURSE LENTIL SOME CHICKEN BROTH SOME BUTTER ONE SLICED ONION SALT AND WATER AFTER SHOWING THE INGREDITENS LET’S START WITH WASHING THE LENTIL WASH THE LENTIL VERY VELL UNTIL […]

Why Döner Kebab Is The Essential Turkish Food With Enes Kanter

Medha Imam: The Greeks call it gyro. The Arabs call it shawarma. The Spanish: al pastor. All of these sliced meats can be traced back to the seat of the Ottoman Empire, which is now Turkey. There, it’s called the döner kebab. And that’s Swiss-born Turkish national and NBA player Enes Kanter. He took us […]

Mutancana Tarifi / Mutancana Nasıl Yapılır / Osmanlı Saray Mutfağı / Ottoman Cuisine : Mutancana

Welcome to Ebru Chef’s Cuisine channel Today we will learn how to cook one of the most delicious dishes of the traditional Ottoman Palace cuisine. Now lets take a look at the ingredients Butter (2 tablespoons), Lamb cubed (285 grams) Flour (1 tablespoon), Sumac (1 teaspoon), Black pepper (1 teaspoon) Shallot (7-8 pieces) or dry […]

We Tried Turkish Street Food in Istanbul

wow that is interesting so this is how this package have their breakfast it is an absolute thanks and they just hook it on like their and hand it across the water [Music] [Music] morning oh yes oh it’s still nice and warm good morning everybody welcome to Istanbul today before we kind of venture […]

Royal Kek, Βασιλικό Κέικ, Turkish Cuisine

Greetings and love from “Humble Taste cuisine ” In our episode we will present you a dignified recipe from the book”Humble Taste Kitchen – Treats” which is on page 138 and its name is “Royal cake” But first of all let’s have a look at the ingredients 3 eggs 1,5 glass of water powdered sugar […]

TURKISH FOOD TOUR | Best TURKISH FOOD in Istanbul, Turkey- Pide + Kebab | What TO EAT IN ISTANBUL

today we’re in Turkey and we’re in the stunning city of Istanbul this Istanbul series all about showing you some of the best food this city has to offer Istanbul’s food culture is reflective of its past and draws influence from each region of Turkey if you love to eat this city is one that […]


today we’re in Istanbul Turkey and we’re here to eat this Istanbul series is all about sharing with you some of Istanbul’s best food Istanbul’s food culture is diverse delicious and steeped in history this is our second video from Istanbul and we’re here to hunt down the best Turkish food watch out for traditional […]

Turkish Stuffed Green Peppers – Traditional Turkish Cuisine

Merhaba Hi everyone this is Aysenur Altan welcome to Turkish Food Recipes! In this episode i want to share Turkish style Stuffed Green Peppers “Etli Dolma” recipe. With fresh herbs, spices, ground meat and other ingredients it is really healthy and delicious Traditional dish in Turkish Cuisine. So let’s started. As a preparation i peeled […]

Yeni Raki – Tasting The Full Turkish Cuisine Experience

hey guys welcome back to our channel Jane ringing here now Yandy back you global got in touch and invited us to their workshop where they can educate us on a fully any Reiki table experience and the culture behind it yeah it was such an awesome day we had such a great time and […]