Hello! This has been an incredibly productive year for SMOKE KITCHEN. Hello! This has been an incredibly productive year for SMOKE KITCHEN. We released the hugely popular TRIX line, which is known and loved not just all around Russia, but also far beyond its borders. We released the hugely popular TRIX line, which is known […]

Food Stylist Shares Secrets to the Perfect Lasagna | Food Styling Tips and Tricks

– I’m about to build the most amazing, delicious, cheesy, melty lasagna you’ve ever seen. Boom. I’m a food stylist. Consider me a makeup artist for food. I take boring, everyday average food and make it look amazing. When you make lasagna at home, this is what you’re used to getting. I’m gonna show you […]

Food Stylist Shows how to Make Fast Food Look Good | Food Stylist vs Whopper | Well Done

I’m Rishon, I’m a professional food stylist. (upbeat music) And I’m gonna take this sad, drive through fast food cheeseburger and make it into a commercial-ready Whopper. (upbeat music) First things first, we have to break down this drive through burger, and get the beef patty off of it. Mmmmmm… isn’t that delicious? Sad tomatoes, […]

How to Quickly Peel, Seed and Cut a Butternut Squash / Cooking Tips & Tricks, Tutorial

How to peel and cut a butternut squash Using a very sharp chef’s knife Slowly cut each end without cutting too much into the flesh (be careful because the flesh is firm) Peel the squash with a vegetable peeler (like the one in the video) Cut just above the base (the round part that contains […]

5 Foods You’re Eating Wrong #5 (Ft. YouTubers)

– This is the best React video you’ve ever seen. – Nothing falls out! It’s amazing! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are going to be showing you five foods that you have been eating wrong. – Oh, come on! You don’t even know how I’ve been eating these foods. Don’t be […]

8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

– [Voiceover] You’ve clicked on eight incredibly simple kitchen hacks, a finely curated list of culinary exploits. So slap on your chef hat and buckle your apron, cause there aren’t enough cooks in this kitchen. Are you one of those fine, upstanding individuals who struggles with chopsticks? No worries, save yourself a little embarrassment by […]

4 Coolest Eggs Hacks that will Shock You | Milti Do Food Craft

You need 4 eggs Salt Dry greens fresh greens soy sauce milk shake it heat in a pan twist into a tube add cheese done! take 2 eggs salt and dry greens shake it pour into a hot pan take a straw take the boiled egg stick a straw around the egg take 2 eggs […]

9 Useful KITCHEN Cleaning HACKS/TIPS You Must Follow | CookWithNisha

In today’s video I am gonna share with you Some important tips or kitchen hacks which help you to keep your kitchen neat and clean If you follow these hacks on daily basis as I do your kitchen will be neat, clean, organised and pest free if you like these tips hit LIKE to this […]

How to Cook Perfect Roast Beef | Jamie Oliver

Hi, guys, hope you’re well. We’re gonna make roast beef. People love it and I love it. It’s a wonderful treat. I’m going to show you how to prepare this, do the trivet, we’re gonna cook it, we’re gonna rest it and we’re gonna carve it and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing. I’ve got three […]

The Secret Step You’re Leaving Out of Cookie Baking | Tips From The Test Kitchen | Southern Living

Did you know there is a secret step that’s left out of almost all cookie recipes? Freezing dough is the step that I swear by when I’m baking cookies. After you drop your cookie dough on a baking sheet, instead of putting it in the oven, put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes […]