TikTok Recklessness, Team Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts & The Rise of Cosmic Crisp Apples | The Daily Show

TikTok. ADHD in app form. Kids these days use it for everything, from making jokes to sharing stories, and now even political activism. But now a new viral TikTok has some people wondering if there should be a limit. How much is social media a part of some kids’ lives? Well, in the case of […]

Everything Is Stupid – America Has a Problem with Food | The Daily Show

There are some news stories that help us understand the world we live in, and there are some news stories that are just stupid. For those, we turn to Ronny Chieng. -♪ ♪ -(cheering and applause) Thank you! America has a problem with food. You guys want your food to be cheap and fast but […]