Wayfaring Stranger – SannaBlue

Thank You For Subscribing To SannaBlue YouTube guitar I am a poor wayfaring stranger traveling through this world below. No more sicknes, no toil nor danger in that bright land to which I go I’m going there to see my father and all my loved one who’ve gone on I’m just going over Jordan I’m […]

KOREAN CUISINE and Spicy HOTPOT with a pretty Girl 👩🏻‍🦰

This Mall is so nice and she is beautiful too development is so fast here In a few months, they finished all the infrastructure 1one year ago not much beautiful this place these kids are playing roller skate The restaurant is at 5th floor so we going up Thank you taste this This is mutton […]

Cooking Food With Fireworks

Hey, gang. Bus Jackson here. Happy Independence Day! You told me that… you- It’ll be okay if you wanted me to cook stuff… With… things you’re not supposed to cook with! Nobody ever said that. Well, some guy said that. hm Well, so we’re going to do that anyway. So, today we got some frankfurters, […]

Actual Gordon Ramsay Cooking Video

*clap* Right, Gordon Ramsay here to teach you a wonderful, beautiful, healthy, cost-effective meal you can cook in your very own home. Olive oil! Now first you’re gonna want the olive oil in the pan. Just a touch! Then you’re gonna want just a touch of olive oil. Followed by just a touch of olive […]

10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat!

Matthias: Did you really get yours without tomato? Tanner: Told you I don’t like tomatoes. It’s just a water fruit. Matthias: You literally requested his mini burger without tomatoes. Tanner: I don’t think I ever did. Matthias: I can’t right now. Matthias: Hello. Welcome to Dope or Nope. Today, is a video more elegant than […]


Hey there! Todays recipe is gonna be inspired by that trending number cake that you’ve been seeing I’ve been seeing people do it with cake and with the pie shell a dough that you can make While you can do it that way I also wanted to do something a little easier and show you […]

Perfect Turkey: Roasted, Fried, or Microwaved?

[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Three teams. Three turkey recipes. Five celebrity judges. But only one winner. This is the YouTube Nation Thanksgiving Turkey Throwdown Showdown. GREG: We drew oven-roasted. I got a feeling we’re going to win this, because when you think about Thanksgiving, you think about the oven, right? CARLY: It’s classic. It’s going […]

How to Cook Stuffed Roasted Chicken \ Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

I’ll be showing you a roast chicken recipe to die for hold the drum the slices stay through but first like any good chef I’m always looking to get great ingredients at the right price my shopping mantra is simple first rely on your senses make sure whatever you’re buying it looks smells and really […]

The Roommate Cooking Show

Hey, everybody! Gus here. Welcome to the Roommate Cooking Show, where we make food and dishes that apparently our roommates just want to leave around the house. JOSH. So, let’s take a look at some of the recipes that we are going to be cooking today. First, a word from our sponsor; Swagbucks is a […]

BOX FORT RESTAURANT CHALLENGE!! 📦🍔 Box Kitchen, Food & More!

all right how do I look you you look great man okay now the restaurants all set up we just gotta wait for our first customer should be any minute now they’ll be crowding and now remember we’re so exclusive we can only take one customer Pappa Jake restaurant a den of 5 stars only […]