6 Reasons Why Airplane Food Tastes Different

Security screening – done. Passport control – check. A cup of coffee, a magazine from the duty-free store – and a short line later, I’m finally on board the plane. Now, just let me buckle my seat belt, live through the take-off, and some 40 minutes later, I hear my favorite phrase in the world: […]

Osaka Japan Street Food Tour! Dotonbori Food Guide

hey guys it’s my chin I am an adult emporia of Osaka often considered a hard install does any look ride mostly right now alone 2004 a gala – now there are tons of shop theater and of course who and that’s what brings me here today don’t let go explore it first food item […]

Busan Authentic Street Food!!!

[Applause] [Applause] never gonna show never gonna show installation of my kids is one of the biggest market in Buda there were so many shopping malls so menu for the restaurant and amazing stupid so let's get into it the first time will be whole trip it has a spicy and sweet flavor yeah yeah […]


so Michael guys coach Matt didn't take video etiquette and shot like you wash your machine as you can see Cobra put them under Fishman Nina karate car will be run inside later and Muslim get the Brisbane out so Martin I am and it was a Michelle income madman male Donna so Michelle more […]


hi first full day a Hong Kong today it's gonna be a street food and we're gonna go exploring different local street foods in I'm meeting somebody to guide me along a little lost I think I'm getting close Graham Street hi this is a hard time that's really hard to find 11:30 already like […]

What I Eat in a Day as a Healthy Vegan in LA + Cali vibes 🌴

good morning guys and welcome back to another video so we have just we did not just move out we woke up an hour ago and we have been on our morning walk in Echo Park where we live so for you who don't know we are currently in Los Angeles so we first were […]

CHINATOWN Food Crawl & BEST Ramen (ft. Keith From Try Guys)

hi this is gonna be a crazy weekend I'm in Flushing right now I'm meeting Keith from the truck guys we're gonna have some lunch it's Friday now and then tomorrow I'm going to the the Shorty Awards tomorrow's the cocktail party then sunday is the actual Wars basically it's gonna be a weekend full […]

Gas Station Food Hacks

we've got the gas station food creations for your road trip vacations let's talk about that good mythical morning mythical beast your questions are like your neighbor's car sitting in their driveway with a tank full of gas and we are your morally questionable friends who are going to siphon that gas and put it […]

Korean Airlines Business Class FOOD REVIEW! WORST Food Menu New York to Manila

good morning I could hear to win howling in my hotel room and I was freezing all night even with the temperature even with a heater blasting it's about six o'clock in the morning I'm gonna head to the airport but before then there's there's a guilty pleasure I wanna partake in I loved Barbies […]