so Michael guys coach Matt didn't take video etiquette and shot like you wash your machine as you can see Cobra put them under Fishman Nina karate car will be run inside later and Muslim get the Brisbane out so Martin I am and it was a Michelle income madman male Donna so Michelle more […]

Macanese cuisine: A melting pot for a variety of cultures| ANC-X Executive Class

the ideal walking tour should always include trying out the snacks along the streets but there's one thing you should try it's the egg tart can I have one now this is what Macao is famous for in a way the egg tart is a symbol of Macanese cuisine take a Portuguese recipe and adapt […]

BEST Indian food in Kuala Lumpur!

has been traveling too long cheesy noodles and beans and other things for breakfast oh we spent some time at the pool this morning just came back to the lounge to grab a cup of coffee and now we're going to explore Little India in Chinatown lots of eating we should bring this with us […]

Zack Giffin Tears Up Mt. Baker Ski Area – The Good Life Pacific Northwest

ten days for mountains one region this is the good two things you should know about Mount Baker it's flat and it never snows if you remember these two things you're going to be alright at least that's what the locals told us but then locals who don't want to talk about their hidden gem […]


good morning friends and today I am at Hobby Lobby and I thought that I would kind of walk around and look at all of the full decorations that they have for this year and all of the Christmas decorations and kind of share with you guys what they have for you know ideas this […]

Meyhem Lauren's Recipe for Shrimp and Grits

as you know when we film the more I drink the better it gets first ingredient wine Cheers I'm AM Lauren and today we're making shrimp and grits about two years ago I was in Jacksonville Florida I don't really want to get into why but I was there I was on a secret mission […]

Cinnamon Bun Pizza: Pizza or Dessert? || Really Dough?

– Does it have allthe schmutz on all of them? – We do that onevery single one, yep. – Did you just call his icing schmutz? – Yeah, you know, like it's– – That's homemade cream cheese icing, it's not schmutz. – It's a schmear. – All right, there you go. – Switch the Yiddish. […]

Amazing Japanese Meal

I belong with you I think most of you guys don't even know so I'm living in Melbourne at the moment so I have moved away from Perth oh god I miss Bali the Trib used to be amazing he used to be amazing but yeah I'm about to go for my trip forehead Japanese […]

Interceptor 650 | First Impressions | Baker Express


hey there guys welcome back to one of the ration review and today we have another tio TM and I believe this one's a little bit newer unlike the other when I had which was you know a little bit expired a little bit you know suspect but this one should be good so let's […]