Budapest Food Tour: Must Eat Hungarian Dishes in Budapest, Hungary

Mustard in pigs brains inside of a pork cutlet Hey guys I’m Ross (and I’m Bek) and we’re in Budapest. Our friends here have shown us around we’ve come up with a list of our favourite foodie spots and that’s where we’re taking you today. If you’re into food and travel videos hit subscribe guys […]

Sofia: Bulgarian Street Food On The Go (Best Banitsa!)

Word got out that Bek and I are in Sofia and well…. Hey guys I’m Ross and today we’re in Sofia Bulgaria and we’re gonna take you around the streets and show you our favorite everyday Bulgarian foods and while all the locals are tucking into this stuff everywhere it’s look not a hundred percent […]

5 Most Amazing Gujarati Dishes |Indian Food Taste Test Episode-12 with Nikunj Vasoya

Hello friends welcome to the another episode of Indian food taste test, I am nikunj vasoya and today I am going to taste one of the most authentic and very old Saurashtra dishes, which we also called the Kathiyavadi food, which is also famous at the road side, and available in saurashtra, earlier it was […]


We’re in my hometown of London, Ontario and we were sitting around this morning thinking how we haven’t really eaten anything today and fantasizing about all the delicious Canadian foods that we can get while we’re home here in Canada. And at one point I was just like, “Let’s just make a video about it. […]

The Best Hawker Food in the World, Penang, Malaysia

Village Food in AMAZON RAINFOREST – Lemongrass Ants + EXOTIC Energy Drinks! | Manaus, Brazil!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Manaus in the state of Amazonas, right in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. We’re staying in the city, but today we are gonna go on a village trip, we’re gonna take a boat, we’re gonna go to a local village, […]

Oaxacan Mole Negro – THE MOST MYSTERIOUS Mexican Food in Oaxaca Village, Mexico!

(crunching) (sizzling) (laughing) (speaking in foreign language) – [Mark] Oh, look at that. There must be 30 different ingredients in this mole recipe. (speaking in foreign language) – I can tell you certainly, there’s nothing like this in the world. (exciting music) Good morning, I hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m […]

4,500 Meter VILLAGE FOOD – Heavenly Yamdrok Lake, Tibet!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Tibet with Travel China Tibet, and today we’re driving form Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake, which is a high elevation, it’s a sacred lake in Tibet. And so we’re gonna walk around the lake, we’re gonna tour the lake, and then we’ll […]

BEST FOOD 2018 – My YouTube Rewind!

– We got the special kabob with the marrow in it again. (chattering in foreign language) (upbeat electronic music) Such an eye opener. If I think back throughout the entire year, that was the single bite that just shocked my taste buds into new peak levels of deliciousness that I’ve ever had in my entire […]

British Food Tour – 5 Dishes You HAVE to Try in England! (Americans try British food)

Good morning Adventurers. We are up in Northern England, just south of the Lake District, in a little town called Kirkby Lonsdale. We’re here to try some of the most delicious, traditional dishes in the country. So up first is the pasty, not to be confused with “pastie” as we thought it was And it’s […]