Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B – “Finesse” (Remix) PARODY

Los golpes en las habilidades de rap son promedio Pero de alguna manera cambié el juego Soy el nuevo culo y tetas de plástico de Bronx Nicki Pero por dentro soy real, no falso ¡No soy una barbie! Soy la stripper más exitosa Desde Brittney Spears Soy la prueba de que el encanto es más […]

Grow Food | Appetite For Change

Grow Food… Grow Food AFC got produce, AFC bouta go ku We gone Grow Food… Grow Food AFC got produce, AFC bouta go kuuuuu Growww Whippin’ in the kitchen Whippin’ in the kitchen Growww I be whippin’ in the kitchen Whippin’ in the kitchen Whoooa Chop it up, chop it, chop it, chop it, chop […]

Bones & Eddy Baker – ShineBox [SparrowsCreek]

[Verse 1: BONES] Get your ShineBox Especially with that nine Glock I’m funny, I’m funny too I am usually Get your mind right On my heart let it out You’re tappin’ out and I’m laughing now in the moon Bats on my shoulders Smoking, hanging out the rover Stone cold when I’m stuntin’, drinking out […]

Inside Compton’s Finger-Licking Good Home Kitchen

– Great Big Story, we in here. Momma, we made it. (rhythmic music) Everybody always say that, “I think this better than my moms.” “I think my grandma couldn’t even do this.” They think we got our grandmas cooking for us. No, this is us. We did that. Like, yeah. Us young men. (laughing) (rhythmic […]

KITCHEN SINK WASTE – How To Install Step by Step

– Hey guys, welcome to today’s UK video. And my name is James. Today we’re gonna be having a look at the peril that you can sometimes get, as you can see, when you are trying to do the instal of a kitchen sink. Now we’re gonna be looking at a bowl and half […]

Primitive DIY fishing rod – Catch n Cook!

hey guys so why don't win today's I've come down to my Creek system and what I'm gonna be doing is yesterday I actually broke my ride sadly it wasn't on a big fish I actually wound it up in the window and that was a quite an expensive ride but what I'm gonna be […]

Thxxzin – Todo Mês ft. Cardoso

paul [Muziek] nee [Muziek] ja [Muziek] wees blij mee het is dan de beentjes duiken het niet uit maar idee neem veel cadeautjes display lcd [Muziek] het was zes potje zien tot aan vreest mij sowieso mening over zuid je woont uit ook ivoor cot ankie steeds mijn een domino bij deze zetel zit allemaal […]

How to Repair a Kitchen Sink Drain Trap | This Old House

all right now underneath any kitchen sink or any sink there should be a trap and normally the trap water goes here and it goes right out through the wall so there's a water seal right here and that water seal is really important to keep sewer gas from come up inside the building look […]