Eat New Orleans – 5 Foods You Have to Eat in New Orleans

Hey there fellow travelers mark here with Walters world today We’re in New Orleans, Louisiana here in Jackson Square and today what we have for you are five things you should eat when you come here to New Orleans And the thing is there’s a lot more than five things to eat when you come […]

Polish Food & What to Eat in Poland

hey fellow travelers mark here with Walters room today we are in Warsaw Poland to talk about some of the tastier treats you will have when you do come to Poland because there's a lot of food you want to try when you do come here and you'll see there's a kind of a theme […]

Amsterdam Street Food – 8 Must Eats of Amsterdam

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Irish Food & What to Eat in Ireland – Visit Ireland

hey there fellow travelers Marky was Walter's world and today we're here in beautiful Kinsale Ireland my buddy Jeff and I just had this amazing fish pie oh my god I was played to go fishy fish in case you wanted what they had we had some oysters to it oh my god the food […]