Arabic Food in Karachi | Mutton Mandi | Madfoon , Madbee & Kunafa | Pakistani Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I’m at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi. I read a lot of messages & comments from you guys… …saying we’ve seen Nihari, Kebabs & Biryani & now we want something different. Arabic dishes are really trending right now in Karachi… And “Mandi House” tops the chart for Arabic […]

360° KYUSHUxTOKYO – Food / Oita

Spitchcock grilled eel is a traditional Japanese dish. It is highly nutritious and a good source of vitamins. The magic ingredient is the restaurant’s own sauce, a closely-guarded secret passed down through generations. Exposed to the flames of the grill, the salty, sweet sauce produces a tantalizing scent that drifts out of the kitchen and […]

Faisalabad ka Nashta | Bengali ki Lassi & Cholay Bhature | Pakistani Street Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak & right now I’m in Faisalabad. It’s an amazing morning & on our viewers’ recommendation… …we’re going to Pak Sweets for breakfast. After our breakfast we’ll be going to Faisalabad’s Clock Tower. There’s Bengali Lassi at the Clock Tower roundabout which is really famous. We’ll explore the market there […]

360° KYUSHUxTOKYO – Food / Kagoshima

One of the joys of Tokyo is enjoying a nice drink with beautiful night views in a luxurious space. Just the right bottle is selected from the giant wine cellar to please your palate. The barman hones his craft behind the counter. The shining lights of the mega-city deepen the flavor of your drink with […]

AMAZING Indian Food ADVENTURE in KOLKATA, India | BEST Indian Street Food and Homemade Indian CURRY

– [Trevor] Coming up for all you Food Rangers, we’re going deep into the local markets of Kolkata for breakfast and finding some incredible street food specialties. And then we got incredibly lucky to get invited from our friend Aditya to a huge family lunch feast. So make sure to watch until the end ’cause […]

UNSEEN Chinese Street Food BREAKFAST TOUR in DEEP Sichuan, China | STREET FOOD Tour through China!

– [Trevor] Comin up, we’re goin on a deep backstreet, Sichuan street food breakfast tour. Starting out bright and early in the noodle joints and backstreets of Neijiang, Sichuan. You can follow along with us on this Sichuan street food series as we travel from Chengdu down south to Yunnan, following the ancient tea horse […]

Japanese Kitchen Tour

Hello world Where I’m From in Japan this is what a kitchen is like. First, I’m gonna show you all the things in the kitchen So first, this is our drying rack for dishes. This and this are dish things. So this is how we get water So this is – right now – is […]


What is going on members of the Barrio? It’s Jon coming to you from Merida, Mexico And we’ve got a great episode coming up today From this incredible city I’m going to be introducing you guys to the food of the Yucatan We’re going to be getting a home cooked meal But it’s not just […]

What Japanese Prison Food is Like ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Only in Japan Welcome to the “Abashiri Keimusho, Abashiri prison” . This one has since been retired and has been turned into a museum the new prison a couple of kilometers away But what is great about this is. It gives you an inside glimpse into everyday life at a Japanese prison Abashiri is in […]

My Kitchen tour 2019// organization ideas // Pooja Mandir with English CC

hey guys welcome back to our channel cup of coffee with jay and abhi this is abhi if you are watching our channel for the very first time pls do subscribe and press the bell icon so that you will be notified when ever i upload a video if you think this video is interesting […]