Mental Health Workers Share The Most Messed Up Things They've Seen – AskReddit

we had a client who would self-soothe by sticking their finger between their eyeball and their eye socket and rub the side of their eyeball mental health workers of Reddit what's the most effed up thing you have seen I worked in a psychiatric medical Institute for children one girl around 13 had been pimped […]

How To Avoid Health Issues! – r/AskReddit Top Posts

what will be that turns out cigarettes are bad for us of our generation hearing loss from earbuds what hearing loss from earbuds you dearly love some Milk Duds whose planting rose butts loud concepts and driving with the window down at high speeds is already taking its toll on most people's hearing people need […]

Angry Customer Gets Her Just Dessert (r/EntitledPeople & More)

hey guys and welcome back to the Internet I hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July you know maybe if you were buying some fireworks you can relate to this meme when you fight the cashier for an hour to get a one dollar discount but I think it's time we get back […]

How To Get A Free Meal (r/MaliciousCompliance)

hey guys welcome back to the Internet I managed to get the cat in the video for a second say hello Faye some people are wondering how you spell its fa ye so something else looks interesting that's going on right now this is my 100th video well the 100 the public video I have […]