5 Most Popular German Foods

– [Narrator] Because you loved our last video about Germany, we know you wanted more. And so without further ado, we bring you the best foods with the original German stamp of quality approval. Here are the top five most popular German foods. (speaking foreign language) Weisswurst mit sussem senf, or white sausage with sweet […]

Instant Pot Recipes: 3 Non-Food Things You Can Make with an Instant Pot

300,000 instant pots were sold on prime day last month now with more and more cookbooks and recipes out every day it seems there's no limit to the ways people use it so let's try making non-food items in the instant pot on the to-do list just cuz you bought that instant pot in the […]

3 Delicious and Diet-Friendly Crockpot Recipes

playing detective is fun but not when you're trying to make a healthy dinner chef Johnny Simon reveals we're sneaky calories can hide in some crock-pot favorites first say good morning to chocolate cherries steel-cut oats okay so we've got steel-cut oats which are different than rolled oats because they actually still have the hole […]

Recipes: 3 Flavorful Marinades that Are Ridiculously Easy to Make

and nothing goes with poolside drinks like great barbecue since 2016 over 500 million dollars worth of store-bought marinades been sold a year but the good news we have ways to copy their secret formulas simple recipes to make you a marinade mixologist on the breakdown tis the season to fire up the grill but […]

10 Rarest Foods In The World

food is something we all need and something that most of us love foods abound as our different cuisines and tastes yet there are foods that are so rare they have an almost magical mystique about them I'm Jake the voice / and here are 10 of the rarest foods from around the world the […]