Somebody That I Used To Know – WOTE Parody! Key of Awesome #55!

Now and then we like to play one guitar together and that’s convenient since we only have the one. Tony sold our other instruments. To pay some gangsters but he’s still in debt. and if they catch him he will surely be dismembered. Tony is addicted to a wide array of narcotics. He says they […]

Caveman Steak Recipe – Cooked directly on the coals

hi i'm chef tony matassa and today we're grilling porterhouse caveman steaks we'll start out by digging a pit for our fire now we'll line with rocks so we can get a little extra airflow under our coals put the pit line we can start on our fire now we can add a little cold […]

Tony Baker (mission not laugh Impossible) winged edition | REACTION!!!

what is up yo boy Ryoji am back with another try not to laugh you know this is Tony back of mission a laughing possible way in addition we're gonna react to this and see what's going on I'm not I'm gonna try my best not to laugh and you too we no further ado […]


Cooking with Lloyd, Episode 1: Salmon Croquettes

you hi I'm just come cooking with new my fitness and today we are gonna make salmon croquettes now we decided to do this show a little differently we decided instead of planning and trying out the recipe we were just going to pick one randomly and just make it so we've never tried this […]