How to Cook From Tokyo’s Vending Machines

Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan!>>Yeah, Japan! [MUSIC]>>Mm. Hey guys. My name is Ty Demura. I was born and raised in Japan. I’m half-American, half-Japanese, and I’m super shitfaced ,and I’m super hungry as well. So I’m gonna go make a banana milkshake with raw egg and natto over rice with a little drizzle of soy sauce. […]

JAPANESE COOKING CHALLENGE!! {Basics of Japanese Cuisine}

Japanese Cooking Class (In Jenglish) Hello, and welcome to The Uwaga Pies studio A few months ago, we took a Japanese cooking lesson You’ll notice that it’s from a while ago because Kris’s glasses are different The place that we went to is called Mayuko’s Little Kitchen And our teacher today is Mayuko Hiii! Konnichiwa! […]

Making Apple Pie for a Friend! – Tokyo Kitchen Chats

good evening everyone it is currently 10:42 p.m. and we're doing a kind of kitchen chats cuz it's actually my friend Natasha's birthday tomorrow well actually I think it was a while ago but we're celebrating it tomorrow and I need to bring some food so I thought I would make an apple pie also […]

Tokyo Street Food | TOP 10 at Tsukiji Fish Market

in this video I'm going to show you my top 10 Street food at Tsukiji market just right behind me you can actually see the oldest Yoshinoya in all of Japan now very first one skeezy market is one of the main destinations for any tourist coming to Tokyo I wanted to show you my […]

Tokyo Street Food Shibuya Top 10 | World's 2ND Best Melon Pan Ice Cream

in this video I'm gonna show you guys at my top Penn Street food in Shibuya Shibuya is not really known for street food but as you guys know I live here so I wanted to show you guys my top ten is Street food and take you around to my favorite spots and it's […]

Tokyo Street Food | Top 10 Harajuku Sweets

[Applause] Wow it still hasn't melted it's gotten a lot softer than before still like in one select one piece it's crazy look at that it's almost like tofu it didn't melt or a cream cheese Harajuku has lots of crazy shops and fun little stores but while you stroll around don't forget to enjoy […]

【2019年カナダ国際大会】BAKER MASHU Montreal GP【ベイカー茉秋】

Trying NEW SAILOR MOON Desserts at Q-pot CAFE. // Ohayo Quest

hi I'm Sophie I'm Jocelyn and welcome back to Ohio question today we are here at the key part company to celebrate their Museum in collaboration they do this every year on sielmann's birthday this cafe it's in Lotus Ando and so today we have got their afternoon tea set lock it I'm stealing my […]