Justin Bieber – Sorry PARODY! Key of Awesome #104

♫ [Sorry, Bieber isn’t here] ♫ This song’s the shit ♫ ♫ It made grown men admit that they’re fans of me ♫ – That’s pretty good. – Catchy. ♫ All of my R’s sound like V’s for some reason, regrettably ♫ ♫ Referee ♫ [sings: “Vefervee”] ♫ These girls dance so jerky, they look […]

FourFiveSeconds Rihanna Ft. Kanye and Paul McCartney PARODY! Key of Awesome #95

How do you do? Is it just this old white man? You’re only as old as you feel I guess he doesn’t suck Um…thanks, I guess? I’ll give him a couple bucks My bloody tea! I don’t speak British I’m speaking the same language as you! That just sounds like gibberish And I’m forced to […]

The Weeknd – The Hills PARODY! Key of Awesome #102

yoanne of the world were stupid driver crash the car there were no survivors probably won’t receive a five-star rating makes hissing like us a pouty baby now these girls will never make it to prom the bitches said my hair look like – pom-pom turn around to yell I lost control then flip the […]

One Direction – One Thing PARODY! Key of Awesome #61

we’re impossibly cute in tight trousers and suits tabloids say that we’re gay and gay horses eat hay, hay these blokes aren’t so bad cheeky British lads damn this song is mad catchy hey Todd don’t you agree something’s wrong with Mark now why does he have skinny pink jeans on they’re salmon cause he’s […]

Ariana Grande – Problem ft. Iggy Azalea PARODY! Key Of Awesome #87

parody artist Ahahaha dancer sexy Is this a good fake laugh? Yo. He he he he he It’s Uggie Uggs I got voice and speech problems Parody of Problem My name is Ariana Grande I’m an anime carto-o-o-oon I don’t know what to do with my hands Because I can’t dance That’s why I brought […]

Justin Bieber – Mistletoe PARODY! Key of Awesome #51!

I get more a** than a toilet seat Cops let me sing in the f***ing street My life is an endless buffet of hoes Been a pimp ever since my voice got low Christmas is a time for charity So I’mma let you sit somewhat close to me I could be partying with hookers and […]

PitBull – Give Me Everything PARODY! Key Of Awesome #43

Me not working hard? Yeah right capture that with a Polaroid. Just take it and shake it. Wait, they no longer make it? Then try Preparation H for your hemorrhoids. Just made a million on that my check books on steroids. Pittbull! Nayer! Ne-Yo! J-Lo! Dave Matthews! Regis! The other Neo! Gandalf! Waldo! Josh Groban! […]

One Direction – Kiss You Parody!! Key Of Awesome #67

ZAYN Oh I’m just tryin’ to make it to the beauty salon Get out of my way I gotta get my nails done Gonna get my eye brows threaded then then I’ll get a funky skunky stripe put on my head HARRY Oh Peeka-peeka-boo where did I come from? Looks like he gave birth to […]

Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger PARODY! Key of Awesome #46

These pants are too small They’re skin tight They’re squeezing my balls It’s a sad sight I used to be thin Now I’ve got two chins Should have hit the gym I’m getting too old for youtube They’re all gonna lol at my Man boobs Come on, Mark lets go My stomach looks gross We’ll […]

Pitbull – Timber ft. Ke$ha PARODY!! Key of Awesome #82

I’m in the South I can’t remember if I just moved where are my pants? I spent the night with Ms. December Where is Pitbull? Let’s make a hit You’re late for the shoot I’m at the beach I’ll go down to you That’s not necessary but first I’ll brush my teeth and gargle with […]