Korean Girls Try Authentic Italian Food [Pizzas, pastas, lasagna, desserts]

Se questa e’ la vera cucina Italiana Penso che gli altri ristoranti Italiani debbano cambiare le loro insegne In passato non era facile per i ristoranti offrire cucina autentica Italiana in Corea Ah, e’ grasso! E’ troppo salato! Non penso questa pasta sia stata cotta abbastanza Ora i tempi sono cambiati ed i Coreani sono […]

Chocolate Coffee Tiramisu – Italian Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 252

My friend Maddy is back! Last time, she showed us how to make a beautiful strawberry tiramisu and today she’s going to show us how to make the classical version of the Tiramisu with coffee, chocolate, and cocoa powder. You can not go wrong with these ingredients! This version of the Tiramisu is more for […]

2 VEGANE DESSERTS » Tiramisu & Schoko Kuchen

Incredible Desserts Compilation 3 (Chocolate Heaven ) Summer Dessert ideas!

3 EASY VEGAN DESSERTS | Collab w/HealthNut Nutrition

hi guys it's Alda today I have a special treat for you not only because today we're making dessert but because I have my friend here Niki with me today hi guys we decided to share with each other and also with you guys healthy versions of our favorite desserts because we figured Valentine's Day […]

The Most Popular Dessert The Year You Were Born

Dessert trends come and go, but a sweet toothis forever. From elaborate chiffon cakes to gigantic frostedcupcakes, dessert trends have certainly changed throughout the 20th century and beyond. At the peak of their popularity, some of thesedesserts you'd find on practically every restaurant menu, and others could be found in the trendiestcookbooks. We've rounded up […]