McDONALD'S vs. BURGER KING – Fast Food Restaurant Taste Test!

today Oh fantastic it's 2019 so y'all we are kicking off 2019 with uh and y'all this was gonna be iconic I realized the other day that I have never done a McDonald's versus Burger King food battle I have done McDonald's vs. Wendy's Burger King versus Sonic but never Burger King versus McDonald's y'all […]

I tried every DEVOUR meal I could find… – Frozen Food Taste Test! Pizza Review

i tried WEIRD candy bar themed desserts and it didn't go well… Hershey's, Oreo, and MORE!

I'm fantastic so today I have a fun little taste test video for you all so I was at the store and I came across these weird-ass desserts and I would like I need to do a quick taste test of all of these because they look so interesting y'all all of these desserts are […]

BEN & JERRY'S vs. HAAGEN-DAZS – Ice Cream Taste Test!

HUNGRY-MAN vs. LEAN CUISINE! – Frozen Dinners Taste Test!

so I'm super excited because today is my very first frozen food battle frozen boom welcome back to my channel hungry man versus Lean Cuisine literally a complete opposites so in case y'all haven't seen my food battles before I got very similar meals from both brands and I'm gonna compare the meals in different […]

TRYING LEAN CUISINE FROZEN MEALS! – Mac N' Cheese, Pizza, Sesame Chicken, & MORE Taste Test!