ENGLISH SPEECH | TIM COOK: Be a Builder (English Subtitles)

Stanford is near to my heart, not least because I live just a mile and a half from here. Of course, if my accent hasn’t given it away, for the first part of my life I had to admire this place from a distance. I went to school on the other side of the country, […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook faces criticism for pulling Hong Kong map app

Apple CEO Tim Cook Explains His Three Focuses

– When I became Dean, one of the first conversations I had was with you, and you told me that I needed to focus on at most three things. When you think about your job as CEO, what are the two or three things that you’re thinking about every day, “This is what I need […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Ethical Leadership

– You have a very strong ethical compass and so it’s kind of a two-part question, which is: Where does that come from, how is it that you’ve found your ethical compass and have such strong convictions and the other thing is I’d like you to tell us what ethical leadership really means to you? […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook on the Importance of Writing Your Own Rules

– [Student] My question is when should we listen to our professors (laughing and crowd applauding) and when’s it okay to, you know, break the rules? – It’s a really good question. I think you should rarely follow the rules. I think you should write the rules. I think if you do follow things in […]

12-Year-Old App Developer Alex Knoll Meets Apple Hero Tim Cook

Alex, it’s so good to have you back. And you look so nice. Now, do you dress like this always, or just for me? Well, for a special occasion. This is a very special occasion. It also must be the socks. Oh, you have the Ellen socks on. Yes It’s nice. I like it. You […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Inspirational Leaders

– You know I was born and raised in the south, and I saw, over the course of growing up, some of the worst behavior in terms of discrimination that literally would make me sick. And I always felt that Kennedy, that Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, did an incredible amount for the whole […]

Meeting Tim Cook!!

(cheering) – [Justine] This is so exciting! We’re at WWDC 2019, it is registration day, everybody is checking in for the big event coming up this week and I am so excited. Oh look, there’s ice cream! I got distracted by ice cream, but anyway. (chanting) I’m just joining in on the chant. (cheering) I’m […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Career Planning

– What’s interesting is that it is now 25 years since you got your MBA and as part of your MBA experience, you were asked to write a 25 year plan. – I was. – How did that work out for you? (audience laughing) – There was a professor, I think his name was Dr. […]