Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas, Installation Tips DIY

How to install a subway tile kitchen Backsplash, complete step by step.

you want to install subway tile kitchen backsplash this is the video for you I’m going to show you all the steps required to install your backflush subway tile from installing tile to grouting to caulking it’s all here ok so I’ve got a really simple subway tile backsplash here nothing special and this is […]

DIY Kitchen Island Build | The Home Depot

[MUSIC PLAYING] A kitchen island can add value and character to your home. You can build one out of lumber using a circular saw, pocket hole jig, and other tools and materials that will be covered a little later. Before you begin this project, decide on the size for your kitchen island. Measure the space […]

Transforming the kitchen floor with a stencil

Hello everybody today I am giving you a bonus video the thing is.. this floor that I painted white a year ago it is ok but we have two problems the underlying vinyl was in a pretty bad shap when we painted it and also..Peter and I are running in and out with muddy shoes […]

How to install a simple subway tile kitchen backsplash

Top Tile Trends for Kitchens, Baths and More!

hi I'm Christina from Zara welcome to my kitchen there was a renovation we did it about three four years ago we've been living the house for 20 years so it's long overdue we're in the marble and tile business or its yacht so our home is a good example of different applications of natural […]

Selecting Kitchen Flooring with Rebecca Robeson