Stop Motion Cooking – Making Sweet Potato With Cranberry Salsa From Ouija Board ASMR 4K

Do you believe in Ouija Board? The mysteries of this paranormal game inspired us to make this video!

FIRE DUMPLINGS!!! 100,000/day!!! Most UNIQUE Street Food in the WORLD! SAMARKAND Street Food Tour!!!

– And there they are. The samsa, they’re getting golden brown. Look at that, there’s about eight or nine samsa per column, looks absolutely delicious. They’re getting golden brown. All right, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got into Samarkand, Central Asia. This is Uzbekistan, and today, we’re going for a full-on […]

CHOCOLATE VS REAL! || Funny Food Challenges by 123 GO! GOLD

Okay girls it’s time to put your love of chocolate to the test! Come on, fork it over. Oh man! You’d better get those back Jess! Hopefully this next round is just what the doctor ordered. I wonder what kind of chocolate weren’t gonna get this time huh let’s just switch these around real quick […]

The loser cleans the dishes! ‘Never Have I Ever’ game [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2017.02.03]

(This is not over yet) (Miran’s drip coffee) (Steaming) Isn’t there a man like Miran? A man like me? If I found a man like Miran, I’d get married right away. (Sook crush has fallen for Ran crush) Where are the dirty dishes? Piled up over there. How should we decide who does the dishes? […]

Eating Water Chestnut Raw & Cooking Recipes

Good morning it’s much brighter so the Sun is just shining and I love winter and this is the best season I think here in our country we got two or three months of winter it’s a summer country and we was fond of this winter this kind of winter is not very cold here […]


That’s Galuh. -No, no, That’s Galuh. He’s annoyed seeing you, bro, -No, no, no. Why??. Yes, correct. It’s for him to camouflage like that. it’s means that it’s really… what was it… This is a trapper…. -We can say that it’s an expert trapper, right?. -Yes, that’s precisely correct, sir. -And you shouldn’t hold it […]

ഭീമൻ ശംഖ് ഫ്രൈ കഴിച്ചാലോ❓️Giant Sea Snail Cooking |Thailand Street Food | Harees Ameerali

Welcome to my new video I’m currently here at Coral Island, Pattaya (Thailand) I’m here to present you with something new as well This could be the first ever Malayalam episode to showcase pepper fried Mussels As we will cook boil and prepare a special Thai dish This is the famous Chef here we introduced […]

My Personal Kitchen Tool Kit. (no avocado slicer) #KTK

This video is brought to you by my supporters on Patreon. Hey guys. Salut, this is Alex So today I want to share with you something very personal. I decided that I wanted to share my EDCC My EveryDay Cooking Carry. So EDC squared. It’s basically the set of knives and kitchen utensils that I […]

🥗 DIY 7Up Salad – Man Vs Pin

*warning because Rob is definitely going to hurt himself…again* What’s up, everybody? Rob, here. And you are watching a…. *lowkey Rob forgot the channel’s name for a second* Threadbanger vs. 2018! That’s right, this is a brand new year on Threadbanger. This is the first video that we have put out on the channel. So […]

배스 잡아서 배스떡국 만들어 먹자! [Catch and cook Bass]

Hello~ Happy new year~! Self-Sufficiency Life I came here to catch bass, but i saw someone cleaning the fish. So, now i’m heading to there. Sir, is it bass? Yes? Yes! Ah~~ How do you eat that? This? Yes. Me… as like cooking steamed fish.. Yes. Add some dried vegetable.. Ah~ as like cooking steam […]