Birds “Fly” Through Water For Food | Wild Nordic

[dramatic music] NARRATOR: In Finland’s far north a miracle of flight. The fearless dipper bird flies through this rushing water and don’t [inaudible]. In and out, up and down with ease. [dramatic music continues] White-throated dippers have carved out a niche here, and they dive in to fetch food. The powerful currents they call home […]

Piedmont’s Cuisine With Chef Pierpaolo Livorno

Welcome to Bra, Northern Italy. We are in the Piedmont region, birthplace of the Slow Food movement. The organization has its headquarters here and has inspired the transformation of a former royal residence, Pollenzo, into a symbol of its philosophy. As Soup As Possible sneaked into the kitchen to meet a master of the local […]

Baker and Scone is Toronto’s destination for scones

I’m not gonna lie. I totally love having tea parties and the best treat that you can have at one are scones. Today, I’m headed over to Baker and Scones and they have 44 different types of scones on a rotating basis. That includes flavours like cheddar dill and chive and triple berry vanilla. Ooh, […]

r/choosingbeggars | Homeless Man DESTROYS Food I Gave Him!

I don’t want your used crap. WHERE IS THE GOOD STUFF SHORT So I live in the bum freak middle of nowhere. My mom called and said the church down the street was having a yard sale and we should check it out. Turns out it was not a yard sale, everything was free. I […]

Essential Impact Surrey Food Bank

The community of Surrey is the fastest-growing city in Canada. We know that our clients come from every part of our city and they come to us because they need our help. We have the highest number of children and babies using a food bank in all of Canada. I call us an essential service. […]

Don’t get hangry: feed your brain healthy food | Brad Bushman | TEDxColumbus

Translator: Ruth Milligan Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Hello. It’s a great honor to give this talk today. How many of you would like to be successful in life? Raise your hand. Alright? Well actually, the two most important keys to success in life are: intelligence, and self control. Guess which one you can do the most […]

Baker County mom helps make game-day great

>>No doubt about it that is a dedicated fan group one of the most dedicated we’ll see well dedicated fan group one of the most dedicated we’ll see well thanks a lot. most dedicated we’ll see well thanks a lot. Well, you know each week we thanks a lot. Well, you know each week we […]

Baker College Cyber Defense Club 2019

Well its really a community of students learning You know they come in here on their own as you can see the room is packed they come in here on the weekends and during the weeknights to learn cyber defense so these are very complicated problems they are working on and they have the perseverance […]

NCT DREAM and Han Hyunmin learning how to cook Korean food [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.09.22]

(Ms. Shim’s Chuseok food) (Ms. Shim is waiting for the workers) – Hello. / – Hey. – Oh? / – Oh? Who are they? – Isn’t that Han Hyunmin, the model? / – Hello. – Yes. / – Hello. – Who are they? / – Who are those idols? – They’re idol artists. / – […]