5 NEW Healthy Meal Prep Ideas | New Year Ideas!

hey lovelies 20:18 is now well underway which means if you're anything like me it is time to start thinking about getting your eating back on track and of course as you know the best way to do this as far as I'm concerned is with meal prep so today I've got five awesome healthy […]

Healthy Granola | 3 Delicious Recipes

hey Leslie is so we all know granola it's a great way to start the day of course it's really nutritious it's loaded with fiber but the store-bought kind can also be loaded with things like additional sugar which nobody needs in their life so today I am going to be making some homemade granola […]

Quick & Easy DIY Desserts!

hi guys it's Lindsay so today I decided that I would show you three different desserts that you can make at home and they are all like really quick and easy desserts that a lot of people have been doing healthy inspired cooking videos and this isn't healthy but I decided that it would be […]

Best Way to Grill a Whole Chicken | SAM THE COOKING GUY

check this out it's a whole flat grilled chicken there are different names for this flat grilled chicken butterfly chicken spatchcock chicken they all mean the same thing you end up cooking the chicken whole but flat on the grill it cooks a little faster cooks evenly the breasts meet and the thighs all cooked […]

5 Healthy Taco Recipes

hey my lovelies so the channel has been around for just over three years now if you can believe it and I realized I have never done a video dedicated to one of my very favorite foods tacos I love tacos they're really easy to make they're super versatile and the flavor possibilities are endless […]

Health Committee Meeting – 7/15/2019

if appreciate bringing us all together today tough let's do the best work we can keep our nation strong Lord we try to serve you the best we can and we know it's hard it's like it's over the nation's very hard to keep things straight but we all care about the nation or we […]

Bananas Foster (with a twist) – Holiday Dessert Recipe

hi welcome to show me the car um I'm manager and I'm hippo and today we're making banana surprise wonder what the surprises this recipe was shared with us by Cyril Abraham so thank you so much for it and let's get started so we can see yeah so of course banana you're going to […]