Pixie Apple Pie | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Welcome to A Recipe Reborn featuring your favourite foods from Final Fantasy XIV. Hello my name is Lemon Drop and I recreate dishes as close as I can to the in-game recipe, description and thumbnail. If you’re into XIV and food, please subscribe and click the bell for a new episode every Tuesday. Today I’m […]

Fresh & Crunchy BLT Salad Bowls

– Meet my new lunchtime crush, the BLT in a bowl. Yes, bacon, avocado, cheese and a bed of crispy, romaine lettuce, all my favorite things loaded on top of a salad drizzled with creamy ranch. This is what lunch should look like. (upbeat music) (light music) You know the effect that crispy bacon, fresh […]

My £10 ebay rotisserie! – kitchen gadget testing

– Juices. Oop. Oh no. (noisy clattering) Oh my gosh it’s falling off. (grunting) Agh! No! (wheezing laugh) I really didn’t need this to be happening right now. (laughing) (triumphant music) (popping) Howdy-doody-dandy folks, so, hope you’re well! Uh, this today is a very exciting video. Uh it’s the follow-up to the video I did […]

The Biggest Scandals Ever To Hit The Food Network

First launched in the US in 1993, The Food Network’s path to success hasn’t always been easy. In fact, the foodie favorite has weathered quite a few scandals, and some of those shocking situations have rocked the network — and its devoted fans — to their very core. Here are some of the biggest scandals […]

Food betrayal — don’t swallow the lies | Alan Lewis | TEDxBoulder

Translator: Ilze Garda Reviewer: Denise RQ This is the webpage for a popular national yogurt company. At first glance, you might think that your popular yogurt, your most favorite yogurt, comes from a beautiful, lovely place like this, and you’d probably be wrong. This is what a real dairy looks like. The cows in these […]

BLUE HAWAII vs BLUE HAWAIIAN – which one is better!?

– Hi, team. Welcome back to the Cocktail Vlog. I’m Steve the bartender, and today I’m actually gonna show you how to make two cocktails: The Blue Hawaii and the Blue Hawaiian. So the reason I’m showing you two is because they’re commonly mistaken, and they’re actually two separate cocktails. One is a riff on […]

The BEST Pad Thai Recipe

Hi guys, I’m Seonkyoung Longest. Welcome to Asian at Home! Today, I’m going to show you how to make Pad Thai. You know Pad Thai, delicious Thai style fried rice noodles. The flavor is savory, sour, spicy but surprisingly super easy to make. Let’s get start it. First, we need to prepare our rice noodles. […]

The BEST Cauliflower Thai fried rice with shrimp…crispy!

– Hey Friends! In today’s video, we’re going to make one of my favorite comfort foods, crispy cauliflower fried rice, Thai style. I love fried rice, guys! If it’s up to me, I would eat it all day long! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, but if I do that, I would blow up! Much bigger […]

College Kids Try 2019’s Biggest Food Trends | College Kids Vs. Food

– I can’t believe this is gonna be one of the most popular foods in 2019. – I don’t need any more vegetables or fruit. I’m just gonna eat cookies. – Can I get another one? ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Every year, new foods gain a popular following. With that in mind, […]

The shocking amount of sugar hiding in your food – BBC

Dietician Allison bones wants to show a group of office workers Just how much energy in the form of sugar these carbs release into their bloodstream Foods we’ve got there you go and a chocolate muffin Hey, I would say that that is more sugar than this one. Maybe two cubes for that one We’re […]