Everything Is Stupid – America Has a Problem with Food | The Daily Show

There are some news stories that help us understand the world we live in, and there are some news stories that are just stupid. For those, we turn to Ronny Chieng. -♪ ♪ -(cheering and applause) Thank you! America has a problem with food. You guys want your food to be cheap and fast but […]

Antoni Porowski – Celebrating Food as a Love Language with “Antoni in the Kitchen” | The Daily Show

Thank you for having me. So good to finally have you on the show, um, as a fan of what you do on Queer Eye, as a fan of your cooking. I’ve been lucky enough to taste your cooking, and then when I heard you were coming out with a cookbook, I was like, this […]

The GOP Still Hasn't Figured Out Health Care: The Daily Show

But let's move on,ladies and gentlemen, to the one thing Paul Ryanspends more time on than his biceps– Obamacare. Since its very inception,Paul Ryan has had one goal. We really have a problem withthe direction of these bills, and we have offered principled,alternative bills. We're going to doeverything we can to try to repeal and […]