Christmas Recipes: Side Dishes and Turtle Pumpkin Pie Recipe

[♫ Thanksgiving Recipes: Side Dishes and Turtle Pumpkin Pie Recipe ♫] So, it’s Thanksgiving morning, you slept in, you’re feeling very relaxed. Why? Because your sister’s hosting the family feast this year, which means the pressure’s off. I’m Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens with some great ideas for what you can bring to Thanksgiving […]

Easy Apple Crisp with an Oatmeal & Pecan Topping

– Do you want a healthy apple crisp recipe that is full of caramelized apples, full of spices and topped with a crunchy pecan and oat crumble? One of the best apple crisp recipes that will become a new fall dessert favorite. Hey there, I’m London Brazil from where you’ll learn how to make […]

Napoleon Cake Recipe | Russian Torte Napoleon

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Pie Like You Berry Much | Homemade Thanksgiving Recipes | Food Hacks By HooplaKidz Recipes

hello everyone welcome to hoopla kids recipes today I'm going to show you how to make apple pie what a classic so for this you're going to need two tablespoons of corn flour 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 egg 150 grams of sugar 5 peels and chopped apples 400 grams of short cut pastry and […]

Top Chefs Alejandra Ramo, Donatella Arpaia's Tips On Thanksgiving Desserts, Décor And Drinks | TODAY

we're back with our special all-star Thanksgiving the birds in the oven the sides they're set now it's time for desserts drinks and decor and here's our a-team Alejandra Ramos Chloe Coscarelli JJ Johnson Laura Vitale Lucinda Skyler Quinn and Adam Richman met Abdul at Brown Donatella arpaia and Jocelyn Delk Adams morning everybody start […]