– Hello, everybody. Hello, Mrs. Barry. – Hello. – How are you? – I’m fine. How are you? – I’m good, I’m good. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, today Mrs Barry and I will be trounced, that’s not even a word, what do I want? – Trounced? We’re doing a kitchen hack video today. – […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 14 – Mrs Barry special

Kitchen Hack Testing 13


Ladies and gentleman of the worldwide internet, I am slightly hyper today, haha. Hes taken some cold flu capsule tablet things and hes a bit drugged up. Yeah Im a bit ill Ive got flu so Ive whooooo every now and then Im buzzing, Im like dancing around so im really sorry. If you saw […]

Kitchen Hack Testing #9

Kitchen Hack Testing 12

– What? – Ah, you donkey! One, two, three! Oh, look, oh geez! (laughs) (Becky laughing) – You’re disgusting! (logo swooshing) (popping) I can see you. – Ah, well, that was an anticlimax. Hello, everybody, welcome to hacks. If you’ve missed any of these today at the end of this video, put on the sweatband, […]


Hello folks it is barry welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well loads of you guys have been asking for ever since time began for food hacks, kitchen hacks whatever you want to call them here are 5 attempts at food hacks. Lets go. Number one hulling a strawberry using a straw. This […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 11

(cracks) (yells) (laughing) – Sorry. (triumphant music) I think you might need your step. – Me too. (laughing) – Mrs Barry and I like to delve into the world of food and kitchen hacks, so that you don’t have to. And maybe, and sometimes, we come across some ones that are like, yes. This is […]


– Hello everyone! – Hello! – It’s Barry here, welcome to My Virgin Kitchen! I’m joined joined by Mrs. Barry. – Yes. It sounded like you were going to say something else there. – I don’t know. Fistbump? How’s it going? Tell everyone how you’re doing. – I’m very well, thank you. It’s been a […]

Kitchen Hack Testing 10

(dramatic music) – [Barry] Oh dear. Stop lifting it, stop lifting it! – Ah! Ow! What the heck is that? I really hope something works. – What could go wrong? – Hello. Don’t leave me here on my own for too long. – Hello everybody, you all right? – Yeah. – Welcome to Kitchen Hack […]