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dish Network Duel tuner tv2 (360) 576-7100 DISH Network TV 2

now were going to talk about the dish network duel tuner box. this is a 622 like a 722 HD DVR. different color not as much hard drive. the duel tuner box all operate the same way so i have a tv one remote and a tv 2 remote so the tv 1 remote is […]

How to Program your Dish Network satellite remote to operate your TV

hello and welcome to dishnetwork dot w s and right now i’m going to show you how to program your remote to your existing TV doesn’t matter what kind of remote it is a word to say and for all over right now what i want you to do is take your remote and hold […]

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DISH Network Installation | DISH Install | Satellite TV Install

Hi my name is Todd Addy and I am a retailer for dish network and DIRECTV. I do all of my own installations and have done so for about 8 years. I have made this installation web site to separate my sales efforts from my effort to help my dish customers learn about the product […]