Why Genetically Engineered Foods Should be Labeled: Gary Hirshberg at TEDxManhattan 2013

it feels preposterous and maybe even embarrassing to stand here twenty thirteen to say to you that we have the right to know what’s in our food that’s exactly what i want to talk about tonight and i want to speak about the fact that the U.S. does not mandate labelling of genetically engineered organisms […]

Don’t get hangry: feed your brain healthy food | Brad Bushman | TEDxColumbus

Translator: Ruth Milligan Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs Hello. It’s a great honor to give this talk today. How many of you would like to be successful in life? Raise your hand. Alright? Well actually, the two most important keys to success in life are: intelligence, and self control. Guess which one you can do the most […]

TEDxOU – Julia Ehrhardt – Cooking From Scratch

Translator: Jenny Lam-Chowdhury Reviewer: Elisabeth Buffard Hi! I’m Julia Ehrhardt and I’m not a genius. I haven’t invented anything, designed anything, or ever run anything that’s ever won anything. I’ve never watched a TED talk and I don’t use PowerPoint when I give lectures. So, some of you are probably thinking right about now, “Hey, […]

Foraging – can food just grow?: Kevin Feinstein at TEDxConstitutionDrive

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Well, hi. Thanks for coming today. My name is Kevin Feinstein, and today’s talk is about foraging. Before we get into the details of that, I’d like to just take some time to share with you my story of how I got into this in the first […]

Are insects the future of food? | Megan Miller | TEDxManhattan

When you hear crickets chirping, what do you think of? Warm summer nights, grassy fields, the awkward silence that happens when a joke falls flat? When I think of crickets, I think of the future of food. Because I eat crickets almost everyday in the form of baked goods, like this, which I made from […]

Food betrayal — don’t swallow the lies | Alan Lewis | TEDxBoulder

Translator: Ilze Garda Reviewer: Denise RQ This is the webpage for a popular national yogurt company. At first glance, you might think that your popular yogurt, your most favorite yogurt, comes from a beautiful, lovely place like this, and you’d probably be wrong. This is what a real dairy looks like. The cows in these […]

Food + Justice = Democracy: LaDonna Redmond at TEDxManhattan 2013

Well, I stand strong on those that come before me; I have to call on my ancestors and let them know that I have not forgotten them. I stand strong because I stand on the shoulders of your ancestors as well. I want them to know that I have not forgotten them. I am an […]

Turning the Farm Bill into the Food Bill: Ken Cook at TEDxManhattan

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Changing the way we eat. It comes down, in the main, I think to a lot of personal decisions that all of us make about what to eat and how and when to eat it. But there’s also an important role for the government. Every year the government […]

Marketing food to children | Anna Lappe | TEDxManhattan

Translator: TED Translators admin Reviewer: Ilze Garda I want to ask you all to do me a favor if you don’t mind. Before I begin, I’d like us all to call into our minds a child or children who we love. It can be a daughter, a son, it can be a godchild, it can […]

A Brain Food Prescription from the Farmacy: Drew Ramsey at TEDxBloomington

Translator: lisa thompson Reviewer: Peter van de Ven I brought this kale plant to share with you this morning, from our farm down in Southern Indiana, where I grew up. Today, I’m a psychiatrist in New York City, where I take care of my patients and their brains. You could say it has been a […]