How Food Commercials Are Made

Narrator: Ever wonder how food commercials look so mouthwatering and perfect? These food shoots can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, all so you’ll buy more of these. Visual engineer, Steve Giralt, shoots photos and videos for food and product-based commercials in New York City and around the world. I bring technology and kind of […]

Robot restaurants won’t take your job and food will be better

(upbeat techno music) – If I walk just a few blocks from this office, I can find a robot that will make me a latte, serve me a quinoa bowl, and now there’s one that will make me a custom made-to-order hamburger. It kinda makes sense when you think about it. San Francisco is a […]

Turning the Farm Bill into the Food Bill: Ken Cook at TEDxManhattan

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Changing the way we eat. It comes down, in the main, I think to a lot of personal decisions that all of us make about what to eat and how and when to eat it. But there’s also an important role for the government. Every year the government […]

Tim Cook (Apple) Uses These 5 Words to Take Control of Any Interaction

I’m going to bet you that within the next two days you’re going to be able to use this strategy. I’m going to teach you right now and you’re going to love it. It’s taken from the old boy Tim Cook’s playbook. You don’t know who he is. He took over Steve Jobs at apple. […]

Marketing food to children | Anna Lappe | TEDxManhattan

Translator: TED Translators admin Reviewer: Ilze Garda I want to ask you all to do me a favor if you don’t mind. Before I begin, I’d like us all to call into our minds a child or children who we love. It can be a daughter, a son, it can be a godchild, it can […]

This Device Turns Cooking Oil Waste Into Fuel | Green Fuels

My name’s James Hygate. I’m the founder and CEO of Green Fuels Ld. In developing markets, there are big mandates they put in place, so India, for example, have mandated 5% of their fuel to be biofuels, and the options are they can make it out of verging crops, or oils like palm oils, etc. […]

Cool Inventions Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

– [Narrator] Thanks to technology, the pace of modern inventions is breathtaking, leaving many of us in awe and thinking, “What will they think of next?” Unfortunately, some do the exact opposite, and instead make us think, “What the heck were they thinking?” The kitchen isn’t immune to such bizarre gimmickry. Brace yourself for the […]

Food Security

Serwa is a farmer in Africa. Every day, she works long hours tending a small plot of land. She hopes to grow enough crops to keep her children from going hungry and sell what’s left for a fair price. But it’s a fragile lifeline. Crop disease, unstable markets, or a few weeks without rain could […]

This robot will cook your dinner! | CNBC International

Meet the world’s first robotic kitchen. Equipped with two fully articulated hands, this automated kitchen is able to cook on its own. Here it’s making CNBC a crab bisque. How does it work? Moley Robotics invited Master Chef winner Tim Anderson in a special studio fitted with 3D camera, where his every move from stirring […]

Ted Baker London Rockall Headphones Review

Hello and Welcome my name is Daniel and this week we have the Ted Baker Rockall High Performance Headphones so the headphones come in three different colours Black and Sliver, White and Gold and Brown and Sliver but today we have the Black and White editions lets begin with the packaging you can clearly see […]