Why Food Tastes Different On Planes

Ever look at the beverage cart on a plane and see it piled high with tomato juice? It’s not a common juice, like orange or apple. So why are so many people drinking it in flight? Put simply? Your taste changes while you’re in the air. And there’s a biological reason for that. If you […]

DIY Satellite Dish parabolic mirror solar death ray (2018)

In this video I’m making a solar death ray using an old satellite dish. The concept is similar to using a magnifying glass on the sun, concentrating solar energy to a point to create heat using nothing more than the sun’s rays. Several youtube channels document how to do this, like green power science and […]

What Happened When I Ate Nothing But “Healthy” Fast Food For A Week

– Fast food is cheap and convenient. But hidden in between the burgers and tacos are some “healthy” options: salads, grilled chicken, yogurts, oatmeal, power burritos. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? I spent a week eating nothing but these “healthy” fast foods and I lost six-and-a-half pounds. But even though I lost about a pound […]

$159 Device Detects Foods Causing Your Indigestion

Burping, farting, bloating, diarrhea: We all experience these things. Some may know exactly what foods are causing them these problems, but others may not. Sure, generic lists on Google may help, but they’re not personal or quantifiable enough. This device, called FoodMarble Aire, may give you a clearer idea of exactly what foods are causing […]

Amazing Future Kitchen Technology

Vsauce! Kevin here. Tellspec is a new scanner that will tell you exactly what’s in your food. The company claims their spectrometer technology will give you a breakdown of the chemical makeup of food including allergens or pesticides and will also give you calorie and fat information. All by shooting a laser and sending the […]

Feeding the Future: Food Action Alliance Launch

>>Welcome. Welcome, everyone. And welcome to the panel for the press conference for the Food Action Alliance that is being held in the context of this third annual sustainable development impact summit and so my name is Sean de Cleene. I’m on the executive committee of the World Economic Forum. I’m delighted to have here […]

This Could Be The Wireless Kitchen Of The Future

– We’re here today at the Wireless Power Consortium. I have a cramped kitchen, you probably have a cramped kitchen, and we’re gonna see what a cordless future kitchen might actually look like. – So here’s this is called a hidden transmitter, or power spot, and you take out your appliance from the drawer. – […]

Winston Baker Music Video 2019

I’m trynna make a movie but I ain’t got no money Went to Film School check Got my Screen play check I’ve gotta lotta money but dunno where to put it I’m a high-class exec In Film and Tech So we go to Winston Baker and we see what’s up Gotta whole lotta ‘vents that […]