Welcome to Chemical Kitchen at Imperial College London

Hi, I’m Jakub, and I’m the culinary education designer. Hi I’m Luke and I’m a chemistry teaching fellow here at Imperial. I’ve been supporting learning in the undergraduate laboratory for a number of years and one of the things that we’ve noticed is that the transition our students make going from school to the university […]

What Was Life Like? Episode 7: Tudors | Meet a Tudor Cook

Oh I shall never be ready, I’ve got all this food to cook for the feast. Where are the eggs and the vinegar? Oh hello, well you must be my new apprentices, what’s your name? Olivia Adham Well, Mistress Olivia and Master Adham, welcome to Gainsborough Old Hall, my name is Thomas Griffin, and I […]

HTK Broccoli Salad

Hi, I’m Becky with a healthy teaching kitchen at VA Portland and today we’re going to be making fresh broccoli salad four ingredients you will need 1 bunch of broccoli a half a cup of finely sliced red onion 1/2 2 minced garlic cloves 1 tablespoon of sesame oil 1/2 a cup of rice vinegar […]

What Is Organic Food?

So you’re at the store and you’ree looking for something quick and easy to eat, but you’re also trying to be health-conscious. So instead of the regular cheesy mac, you go for the organic stuff. Instead of regular chicken nuggets, you grab some organic chicken nuggets. Then, top it off with some organic sandwich cookies. […]

Ann Baker Who’s doing the thinking?

>>Ann Baker Who’s doing the Thinking? >>Mathematics>>making it real ‘BRINGING MATHS TO LIFE’ >>ACTIVE LISTENING>>CREATING THE HOOK >>Making student thinking VISIBLE>>Professional LEARNING COMMUNITIES >>Shared SUCCESS>>Students exploring their REASONING. >>So… Who’s Doing the THINKING?>>Ann Baker >>Education Consultant>>Have I ever told you about my radiator story? When I started teaching in London? I had this class of […]

Zoës Kitchen – Hendersonville, TN

okay it's been here a while it's right down way over there is Bo's southwestern grille were ejected here works we are right up Indian Lake and it's a place called Zoe's kitchen we heard it's possibly Mediterranean I don't know we'll find out I'll show you the menu in a minute a little patio […]

Native Speaker Mercedes in the Kitchen LightSpeed Spanish

i qué buenas tardes para la mujer que está bien y vosotros qué tal muy bien muy bien pues aquí estamos en tu cocina qué haces pues mira vamos a prepararle a sebastián a mi nieto una tortilla francesa y las patatas fritas que es una de las cosas que más le gustan a él […]

Go Low to Go Higher – Heidi Baker at There Is More

just before the Passover Feast and Jesus knew the time had come to leave the world and to go to the Father and having loved his own who were in the world he now showed them the full extent of his love what does the full extent of Jesus love look like would you like […]