Cooking actions: English vocabulary

actions de cuisson peser peser mesurer mesurer peler peler hacher hacher écraser écraser casser casser moudre moudre presser presser tamiser tamiser couper couper râper râper fondre fondre pétrir pétrir déchiqueter déchiqueter trembler, agiter trembler, agiter ajouter ajouter saupoudrer , parsemer saupoudrer , parsemer étaler étaler assécher , drainer assécher , drainer mélanger mélanger battre au […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today, I am in a very special kitchen, dream come true! I am filming in Southern France in Julia Child’s Cottage! Some of you may not be aware of this but Julia Child is one of my biggest inspirations, she was fearless in the kitchen and she was so passionate about […]

Native Speaker Mercedes in the Kitchen LightSpeed Spanish

i qué buenas tardes para la mujer que está bien y vosotros qué tal muy bien muy bien pues aquí estamos en tu cocina qué haces pues mira vamos a prepararle a sebastián a mi nieto una tortilla francesa y las patatas fritas que es una de las cosas que más le gustan a él […]

Farming in the City: Joys of Growing Food

Cantonese Beginner Reading Practice – Reading a Dessert Menu

want to speak real Cantonese from your first lesson sign up for your free lifetime account at Cantonese class you're finished with your meal and you're looking at the dessert menu what kinds of drinks can you choose with the cake set what kinds of drinks can you choose with the cake set the […]

Summer Health & Wellness Teacher Tag

look at me filming Vidya I'm totally out of practice welcome back to my channel flip that's so lame like everybody says welcome back to my channel what do I say that like hey hi I'm gonna work on that I'm gonna work on that you are new to my channel hi my name is […]

s05 e9: Just Desserts / The Big Dig

every day when you're walking down the street whoa look at that monster I wonder if he's going to huh he did he ate that kid bones and oh that's so gross I bet you thought I was reading to scare your pants off book well I wasn't it's fairy tales these are some of […]

Best Strawberry Cake Ever, with a Cake mix, Gelatin and Strawberries! CVC Baking

you hey yo it's t me with carmella hooks Happy Easter umm I'm about to start a strawberry cake I have my oven preheated this is one of my favorites at Easter time either like the strawberry cake or the strawberry cream cheese pie that is in my second cookbook it's both really good and […]

Collard Valley Cooks Makes a Simple Skillet Spaghetti with Hunts canned Pasta sauce

always kept her oil under the sink I don't know if y'all do that or not but mama always did we're gonna put in just a little bit and down here I keep big things oil because wait fry fish so I buy it in bulk now here okay so let's get this onion in […]

Collard Valley Cooks makes Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies Stove top Recipe. Southern Recipes