Hello! This has been an incredibly productive year for SMOKE KITCHEN. Hello! This has been an incredibly productive year for SMOKE KITCHEN. We released the hugely popular TRIX line, which is known and loved not just all around Russia, but also far beyond its borders. We released the hugely popular TRIX line, which is known […]

YOU MUST TRY these PANCAKES!! | Rydel Lynch

A Short History of Tea in English Homes.wmv

Drinking tea is often seen as a very English tradition but for most of history this is not the case. Before tea came to England it already had a long history in China where people have been drinking for over four thousand years. When tea arrived in English home in the late 1600s, it was […]


Please Subscribe to my channel SR Kitchen and dont forget to hit the bell icon How are you Welcome to my youtube channel Today i am making cheesy omelette toast for breakfast Its simple and do try this Healthy Come friends lets start it Lets start بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ To make omelette bread toast […]

Everything Miranda Kerr Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Good morning! This is Teddy. I’m Miranda. Do you want to come spend the day with me? So one of my favorite things to have first thing in the morning is hot water with lemons. It’s a really great way to kind of kickstart your digestion. It’s full of Vitamin C. Cheers! After I’ve made […]

Pantry Staples for Easy Vegan Cooking 🍽️

Want to know some of the essential pantry staples to have on hand for healthy vegan cooking? Keep watching. Hello I’m Ann, and I’m Chloe, and we are Veggie Magnifique, and today we’re talking about something really helpful – how to keep your kitchen pantry stocked with whole foods. These foods are our go-to staples […]

The ultimate hot cross bun recipe from the National Trust

Easter is fast approaching, and one of the things I really find special about Easter is baking. So I’m going to show you how to make hot cross buns. The way I make them is slightly different. So there’s a special glaze that goes on them at the end which just adds a little bit […]

Kidney Beans Capsicum Salad

1 Cup boiled Kidney Beans 1/2 Cup boiled sweet corn 1/2 Cup boiled green peas Chopped Onions Chopped Tomato Chopped Green Capsicum Chopped Yellow Capsicum 4 Table Spoons Honey in new bowl Few lemon drops Salt for Taste 1/2 Tea spoon black pepper 1/2 tea spoon white pepper 1/2 Tea spoon jeera powder 1/2 table […]

चाय के दीवानों के लिए मसाला पाउडर सीक्रेट इंग्रेडिएंट्स से | Chai Masala Powder | Tea Masala Recipe

After watching the video please do hit the like button press the bell icon for getting the notification of new recipe. Namaste welcome to Masala Kitchen Today we will make masala powder for tea which will be according to our needs. Masala tea is better for our throat and during this season as well in […]

SLIME KITCHEN: DIY – How to Make Doll SLIME | Sugar Cookies | Eggs | Coffee | Ice | Lemonade & More

Today we are taking a look at our slime collection. Which I am sure is a little odd-looking Yeah, they’re not the most beautiful Slime colors, and that’s because we use them in our doll slime kitchen What do you think, the hat’s too much? Should I lose the hat? Yeah, lets lose the hat. […]