Fry Duck Eggs Recipe – Cooking Egg – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i fry egg recipe egg very big and have red onion then pepper garlic dried chili kaffir lime leaves dried pepper and lemon lemon grass clean egg to boil this is other ingredients fish sauce oyster sauce salt soy sauce soup powder sugar then have dried chili holy basil put fish sauce oyster […]

BEST MEXICAN STREET FOOD in Abudhabi – Paddock Cafe & Grills, Abu Dhabi

HI guys, How are you? Hey guys, Whats happening My name is Joel, My name is Pranav and we are from team Lokha So new restaurant, new day new day,new restaurant So today we’ll go to Paddock Cafe and Grills Hmm okay They started this restaurant recently in Abu Dhabi they’re very famous for few […]

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Khmer Noodle With Soup And Shrimp Paste Sauce Recipe – Cooking Soup – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i cook soup eat with Khmer noodle with shrimp paste sauce banana flower pig leg chicken blood meatball ( beef ) chicken feet tomato mushroom bean sprout Khmer noodle ( Nom Banh Jork ) two type basil chameleon and sweet basil green onion galanga lemon grass chili dried chili tamarind red onion garlic […]

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Kalen Makes Stuffed Puff Rice Krispies with Marshmello, Marshmallows, and Kane Brown

Hey everybody. It’s me, Kalen Allen. And I’m here today with Marshmello and Kane Brown. What’s up? How you doing? Now, Marshmello, you have a YouTube channel about food and, coincidentally, I do too. And today, we’re going to make Rice Krispies Treats, which I understand is your recipe, correct? [MUSIC PLAYING] I believe first […]

Tamarind Pickle Recipe – Cooking Tamarind Pickles – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i make tamarind pickle recipe my tamarind very big and have dried chili chili garlic dried shrimp and have palm sugar sugar salt see me do it together

Grilled Beef Ribs With Shrimp Paste Sauce Recipe – Cooking Cow Rib – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i grilled beef ribs eat with shrimp paste sauce this is my beef ribs very fresh meat and look red then i have ingredients and vegetables green onion lettuce tomato chili and have basil mint chameleon sweet basil culantro cucumber red onion garlic and lemon and i have other ingredients dried chili shrimp […]

Fried Peacock Eel Fish With Long Bean Salad Recipe – Cooking Fishes – My Food My Lifestyle

hello today i fried peacock eel eat with long bean salad peacock eel very fresh then have vegetable tempura flour long bean red onion garlic chicken egg duck egg green onion sweet basil lemon and chili then have cabbage pickle and other ingredients palm sugar sugar salt soup powder and fish paste