How to cook Lamb Shanks – In the Oven – Recipes by Warren Nash

If lamb has always been that thing that was rammed down your throat as a child and you’ve never been able to face it since, then you need to try my Lamb Shank recipe. They taste absolutely sublime and you’ll be wanting lamb every Sunday after trying these bad-boys! OK, and for the ingredients you’ll […]

How to make Spaghetti Carbonara – Whipped up in 10 mins – Recipes by Warren Nash

OK, spaghetti carbonara – looks great, tastes great! But, it’s all in the timing if you don’t want to scramble those eggs so, here’s how to make it. For the ingredients, you’ll need: 2 rashers of bacon, enough spaghetti for two people, some oil to fry, one clove of garlic, 2 eggs, 125ml of double […]

Snooki Makes Homemade Pizza 🍕ft. Frankie Celenza | Cooking in the Crib w/ Snooki & Joey

– Hey guys, welcome back to Cooking in the Crib with Snooki. – [Joey] And Joey! – So today, Joey decided to bring a guest over. – Ya! – He’s been stalking him for years. – Years. – And now we’re going to have pizza today. – He’s one of my favorite chefs, please welcome […]

Perfect Turkey: Roasted, Fried, or Microwaved?

[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Three teams. Three turkey recipes. Five celebrity judges. But only one winner. This is the YouTube Nation Thanksgiving Turkey Throwdown Showdown. GREG: We drew oven-roasted. I got a feeling we’re going to win this, because when you think about Thanksgiving, you think about the oven, right? CARLY: It’s classic. It’s going […]

Travel Party! Easy Cocktail & Dips Recipes with 7UP

Hey everyone, how’s it going? I’m Gunnarolla and it’s a big day because I’ve partnered with 7UP to throw a travel themed party. I’m gonna teach you how to make three different dips based on three of my favorite travel destinations, Cairo, Tokyo and Los Angeles, and then we’re gonna make a cocktail that fuses […]

Tefal Cuisine Companion Review – By Warren Nash

Hi I’m Warren Nash and here is my latest product review for the Tefal Cuisine Companion. The Cuisine Companion is designed to replace an array of appliances in the kitchen. How does it do this? It comes with a range of attachments including a stirrer, dough hook, whisk, blade and a steaming basket. All the […]

Recette des éclairs au chocolat (Fifteen Spatulas & Hervé Cuisine)

Hervé est en train de préparer la pâte à choux Ajoutez la farine en une seule fois et remuez à fond hors du feu ca commence à former une pâte deux minutes plus tard Dernier oeuf ! Oeuf Numero 5 dans la pâte ! je commence a avoir faim, ca sent super bon Cuisson : […]

1 Dessert Recipe Just Isn't Doing The Trick? Maybe These SUPERSIZED DESSERTS Will Help!!!

[Muziek] een [Muziek] oh [Gelach] [Muziek] [Muziek] laten een [Muziek] oh [Gelach] [Muziek] [Muziek] een boom [Muziek]