Taiwanese meatball, loved by local people, materials used│Taiwanese Food│Chunghua cuisine│

Meatball is a street food snack in Taiwan Its name is derived from its appearance The meatball is generally a translucent oblate shape with a diameter of 6~8 cm. It is a translucent meatball made of sweet potato powder or rice flour Inner packaging of pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc conditioning methods are mostly fried […]

Taiwan Style Jelly│Taiwanese Food│Chunghua cuisine│

The traditional ancient early-style snack powder that is delicious and cool is to rush the hot boiled water into the sweet potato powder and use the natural yellow pigment of Chinese herbal medicine Hawthorn not only beautiful, but also The effect of clearing away heat, quenching thirst, promoting blood circulation and dispersing phlegm the hot […]

Fluffy Souffle Pancake│Taiwanese Food│Chunghua cuisine│

It is a French-derived dessert that is light and fluffy after baking And there is a “most vain gorgeous dessert” title all because this dessert is full of fluffy appearance after baking but the beautiful appearance is fleeting and it does not have the solidity of the cake body the taste of the entrance and […]

Scallion pie,Crispy and delicious│Taiwanese Food│Taichung cuisine│Fengjia Night Market│

(Taiwanese Food-Scallion pie)

Thin noodles, Taiwanese snacks, smooth and delicious│Taiwanese Food│Chunghua cuisine│Lukang│

In the early agricultural society, when the man was working in the field, the housewife cooked the dim sum to the farmer. In order to facilitate the acceptance of many people, the noodle line was usually cooked into a large pot, without adding any ingredients, commonly known as line “paste”, and joined in modern times. […]

Sweet potato ball,Sweet and flexible│Taiwanese Food│Taichung cuisine│

The sweet potato ball is a popular food that can be eaten in Taiwan. Whether it is at the night market or on the street, everyone will buy one. The method is to steam the sweet potato and the potato powder into a dough, then cut into small pieces. The oil pan is squeezed vigorously […]

We Found The Best Taiwanese Eateries in SG | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 27

Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs My name is John, and I am Adria, and today we are going to explore Taiwanese eateries in Singapore. Let’s go! Hello! So first up we are at Eat 3 Bowls! The Chinese name actually has tai-yu inside Eat 3 bowls. My favourite thing about this place is […]


hey there everyone today i’m going to share with you some top eats for Taipei. As an international food capital Taipei is a dynamic city of modernity, Street food and fusion foods. Virtually any diet will be able to find a Taiwanese dish to tempt your taste buds. Now what better way to see the […]

Taiwanese Food: Cooking in Foodie Heaven

We’re in Taipei and we’re here at How Living Club. We’re going to do a cooking class, which I’m so excited about. I love food and I love cooking. So we’re going to try making our own. We’re going to make beef noodles with a cucumber salad and bubble tea. When I heard we were […]