How to Cook Fried Chicken | “JFC” | Jamie Oliver

Southern Fried Chicken, yes! Super crispy on the outside, ultra juicy and tender on the inside. This isn’t about bargain buckets my friends, this is about soul food. Comes in three parts ladies and gents. We’ve got the brining, we’ve got butter milking, and flowering. It’s gonna be incredible. So part one: brine. It’s gonna […]

The Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes

[Music] the only potential downside of eating sweet potatoes is if you eat too much you could get a yellow nose it’s called keratin emia so common harmless condition due to elevated levels of beta carotene in the blood first noticed a century ago when carrots were introduced into infant diets it’s treated mostly by […]

Whole Food Plant Based Batch Cooking Basics

hi everybody this is Tammy from nutmeg notebook you know we talk a lot about batch cooking and how it helps you stay on her food plan makes plant-based eating a lot easier so I just wanted to show you today what I did for batch cooking this morning so I always start out by […]


WHAT I ATE TODAY | Healthy Simple Food Ideas | Annie Jaffrey

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'll be sharing everything that I ate today as well as how I prepared it so I hope you guys enjoy find this really helpful get some healthy food ideas and let's get started so firstly you guys probably know if you've watched any of my other […]

16 DIY Home Tests to See if Your Food is Fake or Real! | Food Safety Hacks by Blossom

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Meal Prep Monday | Our Meatless Meal & Our Toddler Meals!~PiecesofNika

Harvest Vegetable Shepherd's Pie | Special Diet Recipes | Whole Foods Market