Sweet Corn Vada | स्वीटकॉर्न वड़ा । Sweet corn cutlet | Instant Sweet Corn Vada Recipe |

Namaskar. Welcome to nishamadhulika.com. Today we will prepare sweetcorn vada. These are really delicious vadas. You can make it while on your day off, you can also make it and serve as snacks. Let's start making Sweetcorn vadas. We have taken 2 cup frozen Sweetcorn, you can also use fresh sweetcorns. Put these in a […]

Crispy Corn Kebabs | Instant Snacks Recipe | Best Indian Appetizer Recipe | Kanak's Kitchen

hey guys welcome to Canucks kitchen again today I'm gonna show you an excellent tried and tested flavorful vegetarian kabobs that is corn kabobs these are simply a blend of scorned mashed potatoes with other fresh hopes and flavors which are bind together and then they are fried or baked so let's see how to […]