Growing and Foraging 100% of My Food – Day 333 Update

Hey everybody, Rob Greenfield here, and today is day 333 of growing and foraging all of my food. No restaurants, no grocery stores, no pantries at a friend’s house, no dumpster diving, no eating from another friend’s garden. Literally growing and foraging 100% of my food. It’s been about 4 months since my last update, […]

How climate change could make our food less nutritious | Kristie Ebi

Yogi Berra, a US baseball player and philosopher, said, “If we don’t know where we’re going, we might not get there.” Accumulating scientific knowledge is giving us greater insights, greater clarity, into what our future might look like in a changing climate and what that could mean for our health. I’m here to talk about […]

FGCU 360 Now: Water-Energy-Food Nexus System

TSEGAYE: My name is Seneshaw Tsegaye. I’m an assistant professor of the Environmental and Civil Engineering department. We know that the population is increasing and natural resources are depleting. So in order to cope with the future, there is no other way but to look into the waste resources that we have. We call it […]

Baker Hall Virtual Tour and Sustainable Features

Built in 1937 and second oldest residence hall on campus Baker Hall is a shining example of how the University of Colorado can combine ingenuity, sustainability and historical preservation all together under one roof. Baker Hall was named after a former CU President, James H Baker, who served the university from the late 1800s to […]

Curtin Rethinks Seafood ‘Waste’ | Curtin research

Dr Janet Howieson: Up to 70% of the seafood catch is not used as food. This amounts to over 10,000 tonnes per year of so-called ‘waste’ in Australia alone. Not only is this an environmental and economic cost, but it may also be a lost commercial opportunity. Voice Over: Curtin’s Centre of Excellence for Science, […]

The Bard College Farm

♪ ♪ ♪ [Carter Vanderbilt:] Without student interest the farm never would have happened. A number of students got together and basically tabled for three weeks to get not just the money for the project but also to demonstrate that this was a thing that students really were backing and really wanted to happen at […]

How to Make Coconut Cream Pie | Stacy Lyn Harris

Hey, I’m Stacy Lyn. Today I’m making coconut cream pie. You are gonna love it. [Music] Stacy Lyn. Savor the good life. One of the reasons I love it is because it’s a custard base and you can make 3 different pies, if not more than that, out of this base. You can make a […]

The World’s First Cell-based Meatball – Memphis Meats

My name is Uma Valeti, I am the CEO of Memphis Meats. We started Memphis Meats to make eating meat delicious, safe, and healthy for everyone. We have had this technical breakthrough of using real meat cells to grow meat. “The meatball that changed the world.” There is not enough resources to feed a growing […]

Ecolab CEO Doug Baker on Water Scarcity – 1st Tuesday

– You know, the University of Minnesota plays a vital role, and here are the obvious ones. An obvious one, of course, is students and human talent, which is most important in driving economic growth. The University is great. But the other is just the fundamental research that’s been done over the years, and the […]

Are insects the future of food? | Megan Miller | TEDxManhattan

When you hear crickets chirping, what do you think of? Warm summer nights, grassy fields, the awkward silence that happens when a joke falls flat? When I think of crickets, I think of the future of food. Because I eat crickets almost everyday in the form of baked goods, like this, which I made from […]