Survival Cuisine • Extreme Wilderness Pro With Jerry Loven

(Intro Music) Hello friends. This is Extreme Wilderness Pro. I’m Jerry Loven. Boy, who’s hungry? Knowing where to find food and water is essential for wilderness survival. Here’s a few tips to help you out! Look for for plants that produce fruits and berries. Remember, there’s no such things as a bad berry. A good […]

Primitive Technology: Build a stone dam to trap fish and cook fish in the forest of survival

Build a stone dam to trap fish and cook fish in the forest of survival

Primitive Technology: Cooking Crab on a Rock

The crabs in the stream often hide under the rocks , just flip the rocks up and we can catch them. I cook them by heating the rock , the temperature of the stone will ripen the crab like you cook it on a pan

How to Set Up a Hunting Blind with Keith Warren –

My name is Keith Warren, I host a TV show called “The High Road” and I’m here for OpticsPlanet to help you determine a good place on where to haul a gun for example, right now we are looking for a good place to put up a hog blind where we can hunt out of, […]

Review of Ration Available in SA: Back Country Cuisine 24H Classic Ration Pack Part 2 of 2

Hi This is BlindFox welcome at the second part of the backcountry cuisine plastic ration pack ration review this is not a South African ration I know or made in South Africa this is made in New Zealand I got this in South Africa though I got this from the survivalist or co to za […]


Many people don’t realize that porcupine are excellent climbers, but they are! The most humane way to dispatch a live animal is not with primitive weapons, but the modern gun. Quick and painless. We will need a hot fire to cook with this primitive technology. We are going to make an earth oven, and that […]

Making Cowboy Coffee With a Spin / Kauboi ehk pätikohv – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Hello fellow outdoorsies today, we are making cowboy coffee. Yah First bring the water to boil, obviously. Pätikohvi tegemiseks lase kõigepealt vesi keema. And how much water? About 8 ounces of water for each cup for coffee you make Seejärel lisa kohvipuru. Kaks lusikatäit iga tassi kohta. Once the water is boiling, remove the pot […]

10 Foods That Will Never Expire

The term staple foods is reserved for foods that have a long shelf life. Many food companies are adamant about making foods that can last on shelves for a longer time because in the long run it’s better for them. Better for storage, better for transport, longer shelf life. How long can that shelf life […]

Review of Ration Available in SA: Back Country Cuisine 24H Classic Ration Pack Part 1 of 2

Hi This is BlindFox welcome admiration review before you say black backcountry is not a South African Russian yes I know it’s available in South Africa though it’s made in New Zealand so I’m going to do little series on all Russians not made himself Africa but available in South Africa before we get started […]

Catch And Cook Maine Lobster Day 3 of 8 Maine Wilderness Living Challenge /Catch And Cook Survival

(engine puttering) – Wow, these things are heavy. (water gurgling) I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m The Wooded Beardsman and this is the Wilderness Living Challenge Maine. Yeah, woo! The point of the challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating nothing but wild foods for seven days. Last time we did it […]