Surf and Turf with Dad Chef Alton McCrea | DADS THAT COOK

(soft blues music) – Hey it’s Jason with Dads That Cook, we’re hanging out with Alton McCray today. – Hey, what’s going on everyone? – All right so, Alton, people don’t know who you are. – I come from a small town called Andrews, South Carolina. I’m a Southerner and I’m here in California now […]

Surf ‘N Turf Identification Challenge | Season 16 Ep. 4 | HELL’S KITCHEN

In today’s surf and turf identification challenge– Come on, ladies! Heidi and Ryan are up first and must correctly identify both proteins that Chef Ramsay has used to make this surf and turf dish. Crab cake. Immediately what jumps to my head is crab cake. That’s not quite crab, though. But I’ve learned in Hell’s […]

Lobster Tails & Chimichurri Steak (Surf and Turf Recipe) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

The Best Surf and Turf Burrito (Steak & Shrimp) | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

with Memorial Day and the summer grilling season coming up it's time for something fantastic and we're making a surf and turf burrito you're gonna like this I mean I say that all the time but you're gonna like this there's no question he said wearing his own face on a new line of merchandise […]