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(food sizzling) – This sear, these ridges. – Oh, looka there. – This is the highway to the danger zone. (dramatic upbeat music) – Oh, A.B. – You gotta be over 18 to eat this. What’s up, I’m Addison. – I’m Corey. – We’re chunks, not hunks. – And today we are making a big-as-possible […]

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Easy Baked Bacon & Eggs: The Cooking Show with Farideh

new hairdo new do new you alright let's do this this is Faraday and the monkeys Test Kitchen we're gonna make baked bacon and eggs which is basically something I invented I think I said it was maybe the best thing I ate in the entire year of 2018 was this exact recipe not good […]

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Philly Cheese Steak Recipe

hey everyone Jason Hill here and today I'm going to be preparing a Philly cheesesteak sandwich out of all the videos I've done I cannot believe I haven't done this one yet I've done a lot of sandwich videos this is one of my favorite sandwiches of course there are so many ways people prepare […]