DIY Satellite Dish parabolic mirror solar death ray (2018)

In this video I’m making a solar death ray using an old satellite dish. The concept is similar to using a magnifying glass on the sun, concentrating solar energy to a point to create heat using nothing more than the sun’s rays. Several youtube channels document how to do this, like green power science and […]

From the market to your mouth: Saint Lucia’s colourful cuisine – Ep 4/4

What’s the plan today? What are we gonna be cooking? The plan is love, but in between love, we’re gonna do some sexy cuisine. Before, you start with chocolate…you start with this guy. In the plantations, what they do, they cut the coco beans and they often do the coco dance See! I know it’s […]

SOLAR COOKING 46" Parabolic Mirror Solar Stove Solar Oven GreenPowerScience

you eleven I'm your host Dan Rojas and I have a frozen turkey patty which we're going to be cooking in this black cast iron pan this is a 46 inch deeper parabolic mirror the focal length on this acrylic mirror is about 17 to 18 inches and what I've done is I've made a […]


Vastu Remedy For North Kitchen