Summertime Manicotti without Red Sauce – The Cooking Show

-Okay, next up… wine break. [ Laughs ] This is gonna be one of those episodes that really does, like, go the full… whoop. You know what I mean? Hi. I’m Farideh. We’re here in the Munchies test kitchen with the Cooking Show. And what we’re making today is something called cannelloni… slash manicotti slash […]

Summertime Salad Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

Summertime Salad Recipe – Armenian Cuisine – Heghineh Cooking Show

9 Tasty Desserts Recipes For Summer | Best Desserts & Cakes Recipes

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E23 Ms Yeah's watermelon feast done. Are you ready? | Ms Yeah

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How to Make Cheese-Stuffed Corn Cakes with Fried Plantains 🌽🧀🍌 | Summer Recipes | Lidl US

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3 Corn on the Cob Recipes | Simple & Delicous Summer Recipes

hey lovelies so as far as I'm concerned when it comes to the best taste of the summer nothing compares to fresh sweet corn on the cob and as the corn on the cob wasn't delicious enough on its own today I want to show you three amazing but simple ways to dull up your […]

5 Healthy Taco Recipes

hey my lovelies so the channel has been around for just over three years now if you can believe it and I realized I have never done a video dedicated to one of my very favorite foods tacos I love tacos they're really easy to make they're super versatile and the flavor possibilities are endless […]

Geoffrey Zakarian Makes a Grilled Cowboy Rib-Eye Steak | Food Network

today I am making a cowboy steak on the grill and this is this screams summer and I so love this when I do steak this is what I cook because it feeds I mean it's gigantic and I always get it about two inches it's a ribeye on the bone really important to keep […]

10 Minute Shrimp Recipes | Easy Summer Dinner Ideas

hey Leslie's summer is here the sun is shining and the heat has set in which means if you're anything like me the less time you can spend cooking in the kitchen the better so today I'm sharing three yummy recipe is that all feature precooked shrimp so you don't have to do any cooking […]