Life After Losing my son to Suicide | We make Isaiah’s favorite banana bread

Hello, I am Rachel I’m Bella and this is Myley Alright, and today we are making banana bread and you’re wondering why we’re making banana bread Well Belle’s why are we making banana bread? We are making it because it was Isaiah’s favorite and not mine. Not yours What about you kid in? Yeah. Oh, […]

Hannah Baker – Teen Idle [13 Reasons Why]

Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. Live and in stereo [Playing: Teen Idle – Marina & The Diamonds] AAAAAAAh I can’t watch It’s too painful. H. BAKER Born 2000 Died 2017 Age 17 Thanks for watching

Diary of a Suicide by Wallace E. Baker | Audiobook with subtitles

Diary of a Suicide by Wallace E. Baker. FOREWORD. On Sept. 28th, 1913, Mr. B. Russell Herts, of “The International,” received the following letter: New York, Sept. 27, 1913. Mr. B. Russell Herts, c/o International Magazine, New York City. Dear Mr. Herts:—Under separate cover I am sending you a record of a young man who […]

This Is Not The End – Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health

I want you to know that no matter where you are in life no matter how low you have sunk no matter how bleak your situation this is not the end this is not the end of your story this is not the final chapter of your life I know it may be hard right […]

Dying for Help: A Mental Health Crisis in Clear View

this general welfare warning one of Colorado's largest mental health hospitals people need to know what goes on inside those walls a facility trusted with treating our state's mentally ill people are not animals people are not paychecks insiders exposing the secrets they're paying to to get better and we're not we're not helping them […]

Khaliya: "LSD Could Actually Heal the Brain" | WIRED Health 2017 | WIRED Events

Triathlon & Happiness | The Relationship Between Sport & Mental Health

you know in in 2017 I just could not get out of it you know increasing thoughts of self-harm increasing thoughts of taking my own life you know just this really dark place and the thoughts just kept on kind of spiraling and I've reached a point where I knew it was bad enough that […]

Arun Jaitley की Health के बारे में फैलाई गई झूठी बातें, पीछे Politics में क्या चल रहा है?

Rural America Is Having A Mental Health Crisis, This Farmer Is Fighting It