Lemonade – You Suck at Cooking (episode 91)

Refreshing lemonade, also known as sweet and sour juice, is great because you only need three ingredients: a pitcher, a glass, and lemonade. ([email protected] intro song) We’re gonna start by slicing the lemons in half. And if you don’t have one of those lemon squeezy whatchamacallit, yeppity-doodad thingamajigs, you can instead use a four-prong lemon […]

creme anglaise monsieur cuisine plus recette thermomix lidl silvercrest

custard – MONSIEURCUISINEPLUS hello, custard with MONSIEURCUISINEPLUS ingredients: 500 grams of milk, 6 egg yolks, 70 grams of powdered sugar 2 bags of vanilla sugar (15g) or 1 vanilla (recommended) put in the bowl: 6 egg yolks + 70 grams of powdered sugar + 500 grams of milk I put the inside of a vanilla […]

ile flottante monsieur cuisine plus thermomix blanc en neige et crème anglaise recette cuistovideo

Floating islands – MONSIEURCUISINEPLUS hello, floating island recipe with sircuisineplus we are going to make a custard, then whites in snow for custard: 500 grams of milk, 6 egg yolks, 70 grams of powdered sugar to choose: and 2 sachets of vanilla sugar (or recommended: a vanilla pod) for whites in snow: 30 grams of […]

How to make Kvass – Cooking with Boris

Bereitet euch auf eine slawische high-quality Dual-Kamera Kocherfahrung vor, weil heute, Kameraden, machen wir Kwas! Willkommen in der wunderbaren Welt der Kwas-Herstellung, mit eurem einzig wahren Guide, Boris dem Slawenkönig. Falls ihr nicht wisst, was Kwas ist, bereitet euch auf eine überwältigende Erfahrung vor, Weil dieses historische slawische Getränk, das aus Zucker, Hefe, Brot und… […]

Moravian Sugar Cake

the first Saturday of every December we have what is called the candle tea and we have concerts that are given every 30 minutes in the fellowship hall we sell the sugar cake and that’s what we’re making today is the sugar cake that we both sell and we serve it sugar cake is a […]

Nouveau Beignet Facile Et Rapide À Faire 😋 recette cuisine marocaine

Hello everyone 80ml orange juice 80ml milk 80ml vegetable oil 1 egg Sugar orange blossom flavor 7g Baking powder 8g 80g sugar flour (250g to 270g) Pinch of salt sugar Sugar orange blossom flavor 7g milk orange juice vegetable oil flour Baking powder Heat the oil before frying Thank you for watching

Stuffed Puff Cookie Sandwich | Cooking with Marshmello

Welcome lovelies to cooking with marshmallow. Did you notify your mom over for Mother’s Day? It was so fun when we had her here last time Well, I suppose we’ll have to make her something instead how about some stuffed puff cookie sandwiches We’ll need a flour cocoa baking soda cayenne cinnamon salt butter sugar […]

American Bread Ruins Health

Did you know that American bread can be as detrimental to your health as simple sugar? You see refined bread products in America act like simple sugar in the body. And we know that insulin resistance is epidemic in America. With insulin resistance as your blood sugar levels rise. So does the hormone insulin, because […]

Cake au lait coeur surprise – Cuisine Marocaine 137

3 eggs 150ml milk 150g caster sugar 80ml vegetable oil 7g vanilla sugar 1 tablespoon vinegar red food coloring 250g soft flour 14g baking powder Mix ingredients ADD FLOUR baking powder red food coloring Cooking paper To oven 180 degrees After 20/30 minute Let it cool down Paste the pieces honey 3 tablespoon of starch […]

Daliya healthy breakfast meal |bodybuilding breakfast|doctor kitchen

1 bowl Porridge Cracked Wheat cooked with 3 whistle in Pressure cooker Honey Sugar 1 glass Milk Kishmish Chopped Cashew & Almond Make Masala Which is smashed 1spoon Fennel Seeds & 10 cardamom Saffron Oil Oil Kishmish Cashew & Almond Porridge Cracked Wheat 1glass Milk Stir continuously keep it Medium flame & Keep Stirring Add […]