Mutton Jahangir | Royal Mutton Curry Recipe of Agra Sultanate | Indian Cuisine | Ravi Sisodiya

Hello friends, I, Ravi Sisodiya, wlecome you all to my channel – Holiday Cooking Today I am going to cook a new recipe whose name is Mutton Jahangir This dish belongs to Kings of Agra region the ingredients used are as follows Mutton / Meat – 1 Kg Chopped Onion – 5 Curd – 80 […]

Kid Professional Chef Vs. Adult Chef

– Yeah I’m struggling. It’s like timed and everything is hard. Now I’ve got cayenne on my hand. (laughing) (heavy guitar) – Even though I’m 14 I have been cooking since I was five. But I’ve really been taking it seriously since I was 11. I have a little cooking experience. I can cook a […]

Burrito Pie – Delicious Mexican Casserole by Rockin Robin Cooks

hi everyone I’m rockin Robin today I’m gonna show you how to make burrito pie now this recipe was requested by my son he loves burritos and so I decided to you know put this together for him and I asked him what he wanted inside me said well what’s typically in a burrito so […]

Everything Miranda Kerr Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Good morning! This is Teddy. I’m Miranda. Do you want to come spend the day with me? So one of my favorite things to have first thing in the morning is hot water with lemons. It’s a really great way to kind of kickstart your digestion. It’s full of Vitamin C. Cheers! After I’ve made […]

BBQ Ribs Recipe Pit Boys Country Style

– [Narrator] Welcome to Today, we’re gonna do up some Jacks Ribs. What most people call country style ribs. It looks good. Don’t need much. This would be about four pounds of country style pork ribs, favorite barbecue sauce, basting sauce, around 12 ounces of beer. This is the way you’ll find your country […]

Essential Kitchen Tools for Your First Apartment

This video is all about the essential kitchen tools that I recommend when you move into your first apartment, whether it’s during college or after! Starting off the list are pots and pans. And my favorite is the cast iron skillet. These vary in different sizes but I recommend a ten to twelve inch pan. […]

Everything Karolina Kurkova Eats In A Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Good morning! I hope you’re hungry, because you’re spending the whole day with me, in the kitchen, in my house. We have to start with my coffee. But the only way I drink coffee is when I have my own nut milk. See how beautiful those nuts look. So it’s a half cup of almonds, […]

Catch n’ Cook Big NASTY Moray EEL!

What is going on, guys? So here is the scoop– I came out to this beautiful spot to fish a couple days ago. Just doing a little simple reef fishing. Just a beautiful, beautiful area. And I started catching a bunch of little reef fish called Wrasse. And while I was fishing, I saw this […]

Everything Yolanda Hadid Eats In a Day | Food Diaries | Harper’s BAZAAR

Hey, good morning. Are you ready to spend the day at the farm with me? You are what you eat. It’s just a fact. But it doesn’t mean that in my household we don’t have pizzas flying around sometimes or hamburgers. You know, I have kids and they love their stuff. But I also think […]


Ms. MengDeZhi. Certified national inheritor of intangible cultural heritage for Shu-Style hand embroidery. China master level art craft artist 2018 Summer Indigo Plant based dye Blue coloration from oxidation Join fabrics Apply tension using stretcher Apply sketch using dye Thread selection Thread splitting Tying needles Sand threading style Dizzy threading style (Mixture of uneven threading […]